Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nursery rhyme without accent symbols

Some of the new sentences i learnedj
Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques
Dormez vous , dormez vous ?
Sonnez les matines, sonnez les matines
Ding de dong, ding ding dong
Il le fou --> he is crazy

Lunch time

I went to smart shop at lunch time to get my 3G working. One thing I now realize that compared to iPod my cellphone is a battery hog. While a full charge on my iPod serves me for at least 3 hrs of continuos usage i am not not sure about the phone. But it's great that you can charge it anywhere plus access to google docs. I have yet to find an application like talk atone for android. Somehow google voice is like a well kept secret and finding it on iTunes was a nightmare. I agree that may be apple people were not comfortable having google making inroads into their territory but now it's android why it's do difficult to find google voice for android. It shows up on browser when you are surfing but it doesn't come in the search option option where you search market the website where you can find most if the apps for android.
Even though the android has a more fancy predictable type assist. I have developed a liking for iPod's type assist. It somehow thinks on the same wavelength as I do so the auto word suggestions are over 95 percent correct. So it makes the chore of typing on such a tiny keyboard still a pleasant experience .
I am using this french podcast to supplement lessons in french and she is really good. So far I have listened to 4 of her podcast and they are well structured with some foot tapping music.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream I had in the morning

I remember myself seeing some dead turtles. It was a sloping hillside. Two were frozen in time. There was one alive too slithering around. I wonder why I had that dream. I realized that few days back Ben, Oliver and I were talking about the turtles and how dangerous and sometime big they could be. We watched some clippings of the river monsters and this guys ends up catching a turtle. A huge one almost the size of a go cart. The giant was nimble too. However the shocking part was one when he flourishes his neck out of his carapace to bite the person standing few fetes away from him. It was frightening because that neck was almost like an eel or like seeing a python leaping out. Another part of the dream had me astounded about not carrying the license with you. The fine amounted to $800 and I was wondering about it and telling myself that this was higher than what you even pay in United states and then ther was this policeman who I recognized from some earlier encounter and then someone from the crowd cautioned me not to get his attention otherwiset he will be in trouble.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kep and other pictures

Update from a droid phone

This is my first message from my LG phone

Vegetarian seek khabab

At peace cafe having a late breakfast.

Lunch at Malaysian Restaurant

I tried a different restaurant today. David knew the place and I really liked the food there.

LG Android

Today I got myself an LG Optimus google phone . There were many things that wanted in this particular phone. First it should be an android phone. Not Samsung wave or HTC windows phone. It should be tightly knit with gmail, gtalk, google office, search and blog. As I have found to my amusement that one can get many great apps on iTunes, when it comes to google apps they are usually bare-bones. I also wanted a phone which will have a descent camera that could double as a webcam when need arises. The screen size should be big enough so I can watch a video without having to strain my eyes and light enough so that it could easily slip in my pocket. I saw all of my requirements met handsomely by the LG Optimus and this is how it looks. I placed a kindle underneath one to give you the idea about the size and second to let you know that one can use the Kindle's USB wire to recharge this baby. One should be careful when unplugging the phone when it's connected to computer. If done hastily without first ejecting the phone. The computer will refuse to show the contents of the SD drive if you plug back again. The solution is to reboot the computer. One last thing that I would like to bring to your notice is that it works with Linux unlike the Sony-Ericsson phone.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Is being able to see someone else's point of view such a difficult task? Will you ever take time to listen and ponder to someone ? why someone is saying the same thing over and over again? How do we judge if the other person is talking for our own good ?Is honesty, truthfulness, being mindful and suggestion to do good to another could be construed as a hidden motive? I don't know. I very much like to believe in the inherent goodness in each of us. It's just that we may not be aware of that. But what if someone tells us and show the way. Can we still choose to remain ignorant? Frankly speaking I am astounded by my sister's conduct and her habit of blaming everyone else. It's one thing when you are ignorant and it's totally no no when you have been held hand and shown the path. There are few other people like her I have met. We like to think that may be we can help them but they remain stubborn refusing to take responsibility , refusing to forgive and continually going in the downward spiral with ever increasing speed. Not realizing they have a choice. How fortunate they are to have blessed with so many things. They get too busy counting what they don't have instead of what they have.

Ephemeral existence

We live our lives as if we will never grow old as if we will be able to do things that we can do know with the same vigor and efficacy. Covey happens to be my favorite author and I just read that he is no more traveling because of age related illness. It's frightening how much a soul can an author put in their work. To me it seems that my most dear friend is afflicted. A poignant reminder to our ephemeral existence. Long live Mr. Covey. Metta!!

What if your kindle won't start:

      I had this problem and a quick search on Google led me to the link where it was suggested you hold on the power key for 50 sec. I did the same and nothing happened until I press the page turn key for another 5 sec. So I am not sure which did the trick. Holding it for 50 second or pressing the page turn key. Anyway I am glad that I looked over the internet and get back my Kindle working again.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loi Khratong festival, 2011, Chiang Mai

This was taken when I went to Chiang Mai

Read it when you are calm

Suman, It breaks my heart to go over the same truth of life over and over again and not seeing yourself absorbing this fact. I don't know why I am not able to communicate these facts to you. I really really want to see you do good in life and enjoy it. Its such a beautiful thing. Time is precious so don't fritter it away. I sincerely hope that this make you think. I know its the same stuff I have been telling you for quite sometime. May be when you see this in writing it might make sense. These things have made a tectonic shift in my life. Its a gift for which I have been grateful to whole lot of people. May be you too benefit.

Metta (Loving kindness)

Just go over the checklist.

MAKE A PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT and balance all 4 compartments of your life

SLOW DOWN (give up television for one month, meditate, give up thoughts of revenge, forgive, wake up early)

VIPASSANA (helps you live in the moment, not get carried away with your thoughts)


AS A MAN THINKETH (It teaches you how thoughts affects us and i think its the most inspirational book ever written)

FORGIVE UNCONDITIONALLY (This is the greatest gift we give to ourselves)

Don't take my word, try these and see if they work for you.

Best wishes
your brother

My French class update

You all know that now I am taking French lessons. It's an intensive 10 weeks course. It's different from the one I did at amity. There is lot more emphasis here on learning alphabet and how to pronounce which is good. For example I never realized why Dr. Kammler used to say poisson not as poison which I used to think.

One the school front I am doing some real basic stuff with my grade 8th and 7th. This will strengthen their basics

Tea break

It's break time and I am here in the room next to staff room. I like being here because it allows me some quite time away from the chit chat of staff room. I realized that my French class is 5 days a week.
Over past few weeks I learned a number of words. Some of these are as follows
Riven: Among his more awesome memories was a mighty boulder riven by shrubs growing out of it.

Fraying: Two chairs with fraying seats.

Rickety: We went carefully up the rickety stairs.

Ruffle: You are becoming a regular here. She teased ruffling my hair with one hand as she sat down next to my chair.

I liked the way she held my eyes until the precise moment when it stopped being comfortable and then smiled softening the assail but never looked away.

I was tough which is probably the saddest thing you can say about a man.

She used to project an aura that was attractive and inviolable at the same time.

Offering one of the cigarettes with a flourish.

Deferential: He spoke with deferential amiability to the two Canadians.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Preferred words

We all use some of the words all the time. When I was reading last novel I was not sure what the word Trundle means. Another was sitting on ones haunches. Another

Monday morning

From today I will start my French lessons. This is going to be a two month around 50 hours of lesson. The guy who will be teaching is a local guy so I hope I will pick up some Khmer too.
I am still feeling the urge to get more sleep while I am here sitting on this hard yellow wooden bench, resting my back and pouring over the screen of my iPod where I am typing this. The fans are roaring at full speed and the air conditioner winking its fin trying their best to cocoon the dt room swathe in a comfortable chill.

Getting up early and field trip

It's early morning and I am not sure what has awaken me. Is it a full night sleep ( I did go to bed before 22 hr) or the warm night ( the temperature in my room is around 30 degrees). Yesterday was my first day of the French lesson and the teacher there was a gentleman. I like him and I am excited to learn French with him.
Today we are going on a field trip to the surrounding areas. The little excursion is part of the curriculum of geography and science. I am going because I am class teacher for grade 7

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

One of my favorite all time book by Richard Bach.
The apologue uses gull as a protagonist who tries to find the meaning of life. It has three sections the first is when he is by himself and trying to push the speed limit and things he can do with flying instead using flying only as a mean to getting from one place to another in search of food. He just wants to know how far one can go. He discovers that he need not be at the mercy of trawlers for food. He can relish sumptuous delicacies swimming meters below the sea. He can travel at speeds which would make birds like eagle fill with envy. He can fly and almost stall over water. The rewards are tremendous. He gets ostracized from the gull society for doing this.
The second part is when he meets other gulls who are in pursuit of similar goals of improving their flight. The metaphor is apposite. Here also he excels while other gulls get satisfied, Jonathan remains curious he wants to know how elder can move from any place to another.
The third part is when he moves back to the community which ostracized him. To give back what he learned. He starts with one guy fletcher who is like him trying to find out about this flying business by himself.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Had Dosa and utthapam at "The Indian".

Dinner at el camino

I tried iced tea lemonade and the Mexican food

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A fine balance

It was a good read. It's a story which takes place during emergency times in India and how it affected the life of four people brought together by date. Dina dayal, Manek, Om and Ishwar.
It's a roller coaster ride and over 40 percent of the books is just to flesh out these characters. The book is engaging and might be to more someone who is not familiar with the caste, religious differences. I read this book after one of my Norwegian friend's recommendation. The book is a roller coaster ride when the moment you think that the character you are reading is finally turning a new leaf a
N unfortunate tragedy Attucks and is far more wretched than you would imagine.

Spoiler warning:
Dina is a beautiful women whose husband died after 3 years of marriage on one fine day when her brother was visiting her. Her brother is a kind of characters who is over controlling, inconsiderate and sometime nauseating as when he treats her when she gets her haircut.

Ishwar story begins with the story of his father. The graphic portrayal of village caste politics is stomach churning. His father's quest to give him and his brother a better life by sending him to his Muslim friend as apprentice. How the two brother work hard in their circle of influence to win the soft corner of his wife and their proactive step of changing the sign of the shop just in time to help them escape the marauding rioters during communal violence. After his brother and his whole family is massacred because his brother decides to vote in the election and demand his rights from the upper cast infuriating them

Siesta dreaming

It's late afternoon (15:05). I watched myself in a house there was a woman and her daughter. I was a paying guest at their house and I was eating naan type chapatti. The vegetable was a gravy with lots and lots of onions and I was on last part of the chapatti and telling myself that I should ask her to make one more . The modest meal was good. I think it was particularly strange because it's today only I finished the novel "A fine balance" where Dina Dayal had a paying guest. The amusing thing is that in my dream I was appreciating the food and was wondering how come it's so delicious.

Operating system preference

I am thinking of getting an Android phone so I can have a built in camera and access to the Android library. I went to Nokia showroom today and was disappointed that they don't have a single android based phone. I wonder if the movers and shakers at the helm of affairs realize that how important is software to customers than just hardware. Nokia had only symbian operating system phones. They better get their acts together or otherwise they could be going like Blackberry and Microsoft which at one point enjoyed inviolable position and are now languishing.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Incircle problem

I was thinking about this problem today. There is a square and there are two circles and from the opposite veirtex we have tangents to the circle. To prove that the in-circle has the same radius.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thai Curry at peace

It's Wednesday and I have a 2 he lunch break. I decided to come here at Peace cafe to enjoy Thai Curry. It's not too hot today. The temperature must be around 28 degree.There is a light breeze and I can smell the spices and coconut from the curry. The rustling of leaves and a constant sound of tuk tuk is all I am hearing.
I am here at triangle mart. I came here to get some drinking water and to find out if I can get the google voice client. I have Skype and it works great on iPod and so it's handy. But I prefer google talk client because it's voice quality is good, calls to landline or cellphones to many places is more competitive and I have a paid account with google. My progress on novel by Mistry is not bad, I have finished 30 percent of it so far. I don't know why it has so many stars it seems to me like 70s Hindi movie with all the vilians. Any way I will write a more detailed review when I am done

Monday, January 16, 2012

New books and reading

I have started reading the other novel ( a fine balance) and it's good. I have finished 5 % of it so far and I think I can finish it this week. I also want to take a good look at the book "naive set theory". Considering how thin that it is. It doesn't justify that I haven't completed it so far.

Salad dinner at peace cafe

I am here a trying their signature salad.

Problem of smallest distance

There is this fun problem about finding the maximum number of towns to which a particular town can be connected if it can only be connected to the nearest town and no two towns are at the same distance.
To solve this one should observe the word nearest town.

Take away lunch

I am here at India Gate restaurant to pick up my "take away" lunch. It's Channa Masala and Garlic Naan. I have got one more book lined up to read and it's by Rohinton Mistry. Judging by the number of stars on amazon it surely looks an excellent read.

App future

I watched a show about apps. I think it was recorded a long time before google's android was in the market. It basically talked about how apps are changing the easy we interact with are cellphone. An average user they found out uses 6 apps. So I decided to count my own. I use the email, iTunes, blogger, battery charger, iBook

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Surely you must be joking

It's an autobiography

Borrowing the books on Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus at the age of 12 and having to lie about it to the librarian. Learning about taking derivative under Integrals and impressing friends.
Setting up laboratory to do experiments. Fixing radios and becoming known as a boy who fixes by thinking.
Puzzle solver and his date with a girl where he answers all her puzzle before she could even complete the sentence.

MIT and Princeton
Learning about etiquette (the hideous gown to eat meal, attending parties), dating(social vs nerds). His date with waiter that got cancelled by his buddies. Joining jewish fraternities and he ditching those guys. Hazing being left near lake in pitch dark
How he took lot of classes in other department , especially biology. His research, talk(in front of Einstein, Neumann and Pauli)
Playing with cyclotron at Princeton

Math department vs Physics department
Learning group theory. Challenging mathematicians to explain their theory with yes no contest.

Being Curious
Experiential with Ants. Why they walk straight. Leaf cutters are different
Working as a Physicist

Relaxing at Peace cafe

I am trying to get some reading done and would like to meditate for an hour. I ordered a ice coffee and a mango salad.
I like the palace it is quite and relaxed. I had Masala Dosa for the
lunch at the Indian restaurant. In the morning I saw an app on Click about a new predictive text typing app. I think I will try that one. I am encouraged by the app on iPod and it's pretty decent


I just finished reading Shantaram. Today I finished the remaining 30 percent of the novel.
Spoiler warning
The story begins of a fugitive Australian as he arrives in Bombay. In a nutshell the story is about how a mafia don Kader Khan recruits the author for his holy war in Afghanistan using Karla. From author's perspective It's a love story about his infatuation to this girl Karla and his experiences in India. He seems to have been obsessed with her and they become good friends, have sex but still one way. Karla doesn't have same feeling for Greg. There are lots of character we get to know and lot of them die and few resurface. In spite of his unrequited love the story stops at a happy note but is written definitely for the sequel.

Kaderbhai he is the main character who doesn't gets introduced till the author returns back from village in Maharastra. He is the mafia don who impresses author with his wit and pithy sayings. Only later do we find out that he has a physics tutor who taught him the law of Entropy and other people. I didn't understand why author was so enamored by him.

Karla: She is the object of his fascination and until the end of the novel we are not sure about her true feelings and why she lives in India? who does she work for ?why she left United States ? who ruins Madam Zhou ?and was she aware of his incarceration at Arthur road prison ?

Prabhakar and his family: he is a petty tourist guide whom the author trust. His pearly white grin, street smartness, innocence and shocking death leave an indelible impression on your mind and the fickle nature of life on the streets.

Major events :
Arriving in Bombay.

6 months in a village with no amenities

Living in Jhopadpatti for almost 2 yrs and operating a free clinic.

Incarceration in Arthur road prision.

Starting anew as right hand of Kaderbhai and getting into fake passport business.

Traveling to Afghanistan for The war and getting wounded.

Becoming the official gangster and taking revenge on Sapna gang

I liked the way Greg uses the words. You pretty much see what he is describing. You pretty much see the action in your mind. He is compassionate, strong and ever ready to have a fist fight reminded me of new Sherlock Holmes movies where he gives you a step by step a detailed account of the injury he is going to inflict on his opponent and his reaction to it.

Life in Jhopadpatti. You can almost feel the smell the filth, open garbage and feces laden road. The hustle bustle of the place and if that was overpowering wait till he paints the picture of the prison. They brutal savage beatings, the key hole toilet busting with the dump of 200 inmates in a place fit for 100 people. The watery soup, khadmal bites and the filthy water with germs overflowing for bathing.

Abdullah: He is like a superman and he is portrayed as a dashing, fearsome and a loyal friend. His reappearance in Bombay after we have mourned over his death is fuels new energy in to the story.

If I have to summarize the whole story then it's nothing but Kaderbhai's quest to return to his roots and helping them fight against Russians. Everybody else is a pawn in his grand scheme.
The author is in total awe of him , he is impressed by his erudite ness, the kind of respect he commands among his followers. Though in reality he has hired wise man and uses their ideas to impress everyone.

Karla: We get to know about who Karla really is in the very end only. She was working for Kaderbhai and was involved in recruiting European backpackers for him and that was one reason she treated author as just a client and nothing more. That was the reason she didn't rescue him when he was at Arthur road prison

Maurizio the Spanish guy
One of the most taciturn character in the novel and perhaps the only winner in this novel. After severe disfigurement to his face by the Italian he survives. But his reemergence in novel at first seems scary and his demeanor stupid. He wins back his love of life and goes back to Germany with her.

The brainchild of Karla and unleashed by his goons went on to rampage. Only towards the end do we find out that it was created as a distraction.

Afghani teacher and the pyscho killer. There are two characters in this novel Abdullah and this psycho killer who strike with impunity and every time they are mentioned, you know they will get better of the other. While you like Abdullah, there is no amount of disgust you have for this kindergarten teacher who has lost his bearings and is now living only to derive sadistic pleasures from siphoning out life from anything breathing be they Russians, his own friends or horses.

There are lots of pithy sayings attributed to Didier, Karla, Author and Kaderbhai.
Civilization, after all, is defined by what we forbid, more than what we permit.

Justice is not only the way we punish those who do wrong. It is also the way we try to save them

If you make your heart into a weapon, you always end up using it on yourself.

Sooner or later, fate puts us together with all the people, one by one, who show us what we could and shouldn't, let ourselves become.

I don't mean to be insulting, but I think most believers have too much of a vested interest in their own God-Heaven franchises, if you know what I mean, to ever agree on anything.

If we all learned what we should learn the first time, we wouldn't need love at all.

I also liked the way he carves out his sentences

His usual smile was preternaturally wide and his dark eyes were happy.

Madame Zhou had become kind of a portmanteau figure: people packed the details of their own obsessions into her life.

Weaving a pump hand in effete little circles with each little couplet.

He was especially, irreverently, affectionate with Kaserbhai.

Upcoming trend in smart phones

I was watching an episode of click and it featured an upcoming phone which can plug into a screen to become a tablet or a computer. I can say with some pride that I anticipated this a couple of years ago. Which brings us to my prediction for the next two years that these devices will become mainstream as more and more people would like there smart phones to be one and all devices. A latest statistics on Flicker revealed about the tectonic shift in number of uploads through the iPhone after they come up with the latest 8mp camera. So people are opting more and more for their inbuilt camera than carrying a standalone bulky camera. One notice that increasingly the size of smart phone is impinging into the territory of tablet devices and that division is blurring rapidly. Standalone devices like kindle could see their price taking a nosedive the moment someone comes up with a bluetooth communication between a screen and device. Also after having used Kindle the e ink tech which gives a non glare screen will need to be incorporated with the LCD technology to obviate the need for two separate devices.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lebanese food

Today I tried the restaurant above the falafel place and we tried quite a few different things other than. I am still not finished with Shantaram and on friend's recommendation I downloaded "the fine balance" by Rohinton Mistry

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winning quiz

Just a quick update about the Thursday night quiz. This was the 2nd time I was part of the winning team. I had really good teammates. So if it sounds like bragging than you know now it was because of them. First time it was Ben and Oliver and this time it was Brad and Chip's team.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Internet access in Siem Reap

One thing I like about Siem Reap is the number of wifi hotspots. One of them is triangle Mart. I was going back home and thought of updating thereforeI stopped here. I asked these gentleman if they knew the password. They smilingly said that they too wanted the password but one should buy something from the mart as a courtesy. So I bought myself this litchi soda.

Daily update

I am sitting here at Indian restaurant and about to try Chana Chat. I went to the French cultural center and met kon there. He knew that I was coming. The place is on Wat Bo road and I will be starting my classes from Jan 23. I had the urge to take the morning session but then sanity prevailed and I realized that it's better to take it after school and then I won't be rushing in the morning. I am hoping this is going to be fun.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dinner time

I am sitting here at Maharaja Resturant waiting for vegetarian thali. Of all the thalis in Siem Reap. I think theirs is the best. I was reflecting about today when I went back home. I realized that I left my Kindle at school so I couldn't continue with Shantaram which I have finished 42% now. I flipped through the Russian mathematical Olympiad book and it seems very enticing. I don't know if I will be able to curb my enthusiasm for it.

Out at lunch break

Here I am at the Cambodian national bank that my school does banking. I am here to deposit the last months salary which was handed to us in cash. Well it gives me time to go out and buy myself a lunch. I have been reading Shantaram and so far has managed to finish 36% of the book. It's an interesting read and I don't mind the leisurely pace. I can pick of the thread where I last left. I am rereading few other books and I am happy that I am doing that. I will be formally enrolling myself today at the local alliance franchise for 3 months of French lesson and I am excited about that.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nelson and Tala's visit to Siem Reap

I am sitting here in front of Triangle Mart and updating this blog from there. Yesterday Tala and Nelson showed up in Siem Reap and they were staying at Ponloue hotel. It took me a while to find the place. The best way to describe its location would be to say it is at the end of the sivutha road and if you are at lucky mall and go toeards del a pait it will be on your right side. It's actually at the junction where sivutha road meets the road which runs along the river. Today they are gone for the temple visit and should be back anytime soon.

Friday, January 06, 2012


Perhaps the newest restaurant in town here in Siem Reap. I decided to check that place with my mom. We tried several dishes I had a vegetarian tofu sandwich. She had lok lak. For starter we had vegetable tempura and fried spring rolls and sweetened lemonade with soda.

A divisibility problem

Prove that any number which is NOT divisible by 2 and 3. Then square of the number -1 will be divisible by 24
This innocent looking problem is indeed quite easy. First thing is to observe is that the number is odd because it's not divisible by 2. Let us assume that the number is x and according to the given conditions 2 and 3 do not divide x^2-1. Which means. Now x^2-1 can also be written as (x-1)(x+1) and since x is odd it means both x-1 and x+1 are even and since both of these happen to be consecutive even that means one of them has to be a factor of 4 and obviously the other is a factor of 2 and together their product has a factor 8. Since we have to prove that 24 is the factor and so far we already proved that 8 is the factor. How to prove that 3 is also one of the factor. Well it's pretty simple too both the number x-1 and x+1 are even and according to the problem x is not divinely by 3 therefore the other two remainders are 1 and 2. Suppose x is 1 bigger than x-1 will be the factor and if x is 2 bigger than x-2 will be the factor. Thus we have a guaranteed 3 as a factor between the product x-1 and x-2 when x is not divisible by 3. Hence the whole thing is divisible by 24.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Eating at Thai Resturant

One of the place we frequent to have lunch these days is Thai Tai . My mummy likes Thai food and there is always something interesting and to her liking. After coming to Siem Reap I have incorporated coconut more and more as a substitute to water and cold drink as a mean to hydrate myself

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Chinese government's decision to curb television programming

 I am fascinated by the way Chinese leaders think to control everything be it the number of child their people can bear to the way to steam roll the economy. A couple of days ago I watched on You tube the story of ghost cities in China. To keep the growth rate hovering above 8 percent they have been building city after city but cannot find enough people to buy it. The reason is it provides work to the people. Its kind of a similar thing United States did to keep their economy surging. You artificially create jobs so people can get work and are able to spend the money and pay taxes. In an economy the faster the money circulates more money people seem to have. Well United States is paying a dear price for that. They created college courses and lower the standard of education so more people can get degrees. Provided soft loans so its easy to go to college and now they have abundance of unemployable graduates heavily in debt and whose education cannot provide them with the job they aspire. Now Chinese think tanks at the top are notorious for taking tough decisions no matter how unpopular they become. There are quite a few which might be unthinkable in the west but have provided fodder for the Chinese juggernaut. Like building world class universities to produce top Mathematicians, Engineers, Musicians, Athletes etc. Creating world class highway to transport goods. Investing in greener economy and the decision to keep the stupid television programming under check. Anyone who has watched enough television would agree that there is too much mind numbing programming on air and the worst thing is it sucks up your time and eviscerates your thinking. The reason so many civilizations go down after reaching a pinnacle is because their later generations get caught up in hedonistic lifestyle and I think Chinese leader realize that. Only the future will tell how successful this experiment is going to be.

Dinner at Maharajah in Siem Reap

There are few places we go regularly in Siem Reap. The Thai Tai restaurant, The Indian restaurant and maharajah. Here we are enjoying Matar Paneer.

Interesting take on problem

There is this nice problem of a cloth of 25 m long 0.2mm thick being wound around a cylinder and the diameter of the resulting cylinder cum cloth is 10 cm. Find the diameter of the cylinder? My approach was to consider the diameter of the cylinder to be d mm and each successive wrap to increase the diameter by .2 mm and you obtain a series with n and d as unknowns. A second equation can be had by realizing that 50 = d/2+n* .02. Now you have two equations and two unknowns and it's easy to solve with a compute.
The second method which was author's was quite ingenious. It was something finding the difference between the area of the cloth plus cylinder - the area of the cylinder = area of the cloth. This at first instance didn't seem like a viable option to me. But when you give it a little thought it seems totally plausible and this is much quicker. Given the numbers in this question we have

The Indian restaurant in Siem Reap

Of you are a fan of Indian food and happen to be in Siem Reap and looking for authentic Indian food then a visit to "The Indian" is must. The owner Sajish is very friendly and the food is not greasy and over spicy. The place is clean and the service is prompt.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Appreciating even and odd primes

One of the nice problem which makes you appreciate is I like to call Farm
House problem, it goes something like this, There is a farm where there are different prime numbers of cows, goats and rabbits and if we add the number of cows and goats and multiply that by the number of cows we get 120 plus the number of rabbits. Determine the number of ech of these animals.
To work this out start with the smallest prime number 2 as the number of rabbit and the right side becomes 122 and it can be factorize as 2*(2+59), which is a contradiction as this will imply that there are same number of cows and rabbits. Then you might want to check if cows could be 2 and that would imply that
2*(2+g)=120+r, however this imply that the right side is even and the left side is odd (why ?), therefore cows cannot be 2. Let's check if the goat could be 2 and this time our equation takes the form c*(c+2)=120+g. The left side is odd as we are multiplying 2 odd numbers and the right side is also odd as we are adding a odd and a even number. Which means the number of goats could be 2. The question arises is that really true or it could be some other number prime number too? Let's assume that its some other prime then the left side of equation becomes even as the sum of two odd numbers is even and the right side of the equation is odd as sun of odd and even is odd and we get the parity contradiction. This we are now absolutely sure that the number of goats is 2 and then it's only s matter of plug and chug to discover that number if cows will be 11 and number of goats is 23.

Checking Angkor Palm Restaurant

Today was a good day. I got up early morning at 4 and set the recurring alarm to 4:20 then remain awake till 6 am before I went to bed again and woke up at 7:21 and at 7:32 I was in school. I came back home in the afternoon to see my mom had lots of fruits and went back at 13:30. For dinner we were vacillating between Mexican, Indian and then in the middle was this Angkor Palm. I guess the impression does count and the place looks inviting. The food looks sumptuous too.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New year and time to reflect

Its Sunday and the last day of the break and time for some reflection. I think this was a productive break especially I get to spend some good time with my Mom and traveling with her was the icing. From tomorrow we continue with the 2nd semester and I am pumped up about it because for most of the classes we will be just going over the syllabus and making sure the students become more and more proficient with the concepts and are exam ready that means a whole lot of revision and practice. I have got hold of some German language podcast and these are really good so one of the big thing I will aim during the first quarter of this year is to finish at least 100 of those podcasts to develop some facility with the language. I do have aim to learn more French and Chinese,so in a way I can look forward to an exciting new year with lot of learning.

Having Coffee with mummy at Lucky Mall

We are back in good ole Siem Reap and it's great to be back. We had lunch at Thai tai, their mouth watering green curry and then we went to see the dentist on highway 6 but the clinic was closed today so we decided to go to lucky mall and enjoy a latte and a chocolate cake.

Offline blogging

I am writing this to find out if I can blog offline. I am aware of the feature which allows one to send email to the registered email account which in turn forwards it to the blog however now I have blog applet and I am interested in posting multiple blogs and see how they appear on the web site. This thought took genesis today when I was posting another post and an old post showed up which yet hadn't been plaster and when I published it, it appeared before an already published post.

Returning to Siem Reap

Right now we are in a sleeper bus and are on our way back home. We booked our ticket from Kep to Siem Reap and the only viable choice I had was to take a bus leaving at 14 hr which goes through Sinhoukville, Punum Penh and then to Siem Reap. The entire journey is around 14 hrs though a direct service can do it probably in 9 hrs plus the ticket cost twice at $ 30. I thought it was a bargain for two reasons. First we couldn't fit Sinhoukville in our regular trip so this was our chance to at least cursorily see the place and the 2nd good thing is we reach Siem Reap early morning, which allows me to catch up on my sleep. The bus trip between Kep and Sinhoukville allowed me to catch up on my reading while enjoying one of the most picturesque road anywhere in the world.

Happy New Year 2012

Wish you all a very happy, prosperous and fun filled holiday. I think we are passing through Phnum Phenh right now and yes no brownie point if you guessed that we are still in bus. I think this will go down as one of the more memorable birthday when you are traveling in a sleeper bus. There aren't many people on the street now, may be because it half an hour past mid night. Maybe I am wrong because we just passed by a huge water tank paninted ANZ and still lots of traffic. Once againa very happy new year 2012.

Phnom Penh

Over last 20 posts I must have used all different permutation of the spelling of this wonderful city. I am confident that this one is correct as i am seeing this one written on the shop in front of me and i am attaching the picture as a reference. Right now we are at the river front halting for the new passengers to board the bus to Siem Reap. We should be at home by 6 am.
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