Saturday, June 28, 2008

summer update

Its Saturday morning and I am back from the rec center after playing ping pong with Akina. We were glad that we were able to play some good shots after a hiatus of almost two months. Hopefully we will be able to continue again. Its the first time I am updating my blog from Carbondale library.

I haven't yet talked about my Vipassana Meditation retreat here. It was one of the best experience I had and also I wanted the feeling to sink in. I am glad that I am able to continue the practice almost daily, which is the important part. I have been trying unsuccessfully to have other people in my family do it. So far I think my Mom is interested by sister and dad remain disinterested or I should say repulsive to the idea of doing it. I truly believe that it could change them to become a lot better people

On my 559 front, its generatingfunctionology by Herbert Wilf. It's a very good book and I am glad Dr. Porter is using it. It has lot of neat applications like using multi variable Taylor series to get more information, so one can use generating functions to get Stirling numbers of both 2nd and first kind. We have seen some simpler way to get generating functions from the recursive relations like one for Fibonacci numbers. Wilf introduces the concept of Card, Hand and Decks to do generating function and then you siphon off the coefficients. Right now I am working on few problems, one involves finding generating function for Bernoulli numbers, one other is to prove recurrence relation for Derangement numbers and then there is one for finding the single summation for Stirling number of 2nd kind formula. I am also happy that on my reading part I am doing good too. I usually come here and read couple of books mostly biographies, history and about places.
In the past month I watched a lot of movies including Ben Hur, Happiness, Christmas Carrol, ET, Red, Japanese Story etc. I threw a little party and 14 people showed up.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Purity Test

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frisbee Golf Winners

Last to last saturday, I played Frisbee Golf and here is my team with the goodies we got.

Bluesky, Mary, Gary, Dave and...

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