Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14, Vipassana Day

It's now 6:34 and my schedule for today is going to Rockford and spend 10 days doing Vipassana. I am excited about this. I have to be there between 15 and 17 hrs. Here are some of the pics of Rajan Bhaiya and Vishesh this morning.

Palatine trip update

Its around 6:03 here in Palatine. I reached here around 16:48 using my Navigon 2100 car navigator. Traveling to new destination with these devices is now very exciting as you know that no matter if you take either an unintentional or intentional wrong turn the navigator will reroute to get you to your destination. It happened thrice yesterday on my way from Peoria to Palatine. I took a wrong turn near Bloomington so I had to go 2 miles in opposite direction and I made use of that opportunity by getting my gas tank filled and realizing that my old national card was missing. I will be canceling it today. So the navigator re-routed me through the Bloomington town which I think was a road running parallel to I-55. Later I took a wrong exit about 50 miles from Palatine when I had to take a U turn and then several miles (about 9) through the suburbs where the speed limit was never more than 30 miles and stop light every few block but again with gps showing the path there was never an anxious moment. The last wrong turn I took was near lake wood and again I could find a way to be on track. So what's the purpose of telling you all this. Haha.. get a navigator, it's one of the best investment while you on the road. I knew pretty much at what time I will be arriving here at Palatine even before I started at Peoria because I wanted to see Vishesh's soccer game plus his Jazz band performance at his school. His soccer match had to be annulled because of the sever weather. The concert at school was phenomenal. Considering all the performances were from grade 7 and grade 8 students. The later part of evening was spend talking

My Peoria Trip

It's 5:44 in Palatine when I am updating this blog. I reached here yesterday from Peoria. It was an eventful trip to Peoria. I stayed at 1 night there. On 12th we went to Harold and Kumar. It's cheezy movie for dinner went to this Irish Place at river front. I ordered this marinated mushroom sandwich which was delicious. It came with fries and pickle. I also had creme of broccoli soup which was also great. While returning home Kat's car broke down at the stop light
and we had to call the tow truck and later had dad gave us a ride back to their place and from there her mom gave a ride back home. Her parents are awesome. We spent the whole night catching up and playing board games. I also learned rummy. Next day I realized that I have lost my phone again. However this time I was lucky and we called the tow truck company and they located the phone at the back seat. Next thing we were there and after that we went to this great Viatnamese restaurant close to Bradley University. They had this sumptuous buffet and then left for Palatine around 12:30 pm

Friday, May 09, 2008

Great Morning begins with a ping pong game

Today was a nice day, It begin with Mei calling me and then I went to rec center and there I met Rose while doing yoga. I also met Denaz and she wanted to play ping pong. Then Mei and his mom turned up. Like Mei his Mom is really jolly and friendly person. She is an awesome ping pong player and I had a wonderful time playing with her. So here are some neat pictures from that great morning.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Buddhist Advocay Fellowship (Pot luck)

Here are few pics from the pot luck on April 30th 2008

Picture blog

Here are few pics of my students in my Math 140 class. From Right is Amanda, Daniel, Thomas, Scott and Sumant.
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