Sunday, February 26, 2006

Learning Digits of Pi !

Holy Crap ! I thought learning of Pi to 10 digit would be amazing and with a little bit of effort I now know 60 Digits !! Here it is

3.14159 265 3589 79 32 38 4 626 43 38 32 79 502 88 419 716 93 993 75 10 5 820 974 944
Amazing isn't it ? I even surprised myself. So lets see when I break the 100 barrier !


Monday, February 20, 2006

Lots of new things

Lots of things took place since the last I posted. My 10 day challenge of drinking a gallon of water is done and I finally discovered that its not the amount of water you drink that is important but the kind of food. My whole diet for now quite sometime contained lots of chocolates, tons of soda and bag full of candies. So here is good news I took another 10 day challenge to find out if I can overcome this and the answer is amazing I have been able to contain my diet of junk food. It all started with the lot of drinking of water. In order to make way for the gallon of water I discovered that I had no more craving for coke. So now my diet contains more water than ever before. But now my intake of fruits has gone up and the following picture will give you evidence that how drastically my diet has been altered.
The great part is I have now lot more energy and my biological clock is responding accordingly. Less fatigue. My dal bhat tarkari diet it still in place and I have to make a decision sometime to get rid of my laziness to start cooking. But other than that I am enjoying my fruit diet.

On the Fourier front lot of new things I am learning. Currently getting to grip with the Fourier calculus and it lets you do such monster looking integral in just a sec. Besides that learning Hartley'sTransform, Fast Fourier Algorithm, Bracewell's algorithm, Bernoulli function, Discrete Fourier Transform, Hilbert Transfors, Operator Theory.. which is good for any budding mathematician to make himself proud off.
I still have to put more effort for Geometry class where I am learning Hyperbolic Geometry which is kind of interesting because unlike the traditional Euclidean Geometry its more generalized.
Did do red dress hashing and it was great fun. You can find the evidence here.
My Linux machine now rocks all because I finally discovered "Yum" and its so neat to install anything now without having to bother about the dependencies and finding the place to update it. This is the website anybody having fedora should use. Begin with installing Yum from the step by step guide and then you can install anything. Check this site. I have now mplayer and it rocks !! Also my USB flashdrive and Mp3 player work with my Linux machine. Its now a complete rival for any windows machine.
So a very satisfying week for Sumant.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Resignation from Tutor Job

Finally I have to take this difficult step of resigning from my Math Tutor Job at SIUC. I loved this job so much but if I continue to do, I am risking getting behind in my classes. So last Monday I shot a mail to Dr. Parker and Dr. Kathy about my intention to quit. So tomorrow Feb 9, 2006 is going to be the last day when I work this semester. I had a wonderful time tutoring and hope to come back next year. I now should be able to study to my heart content the Fourier Analysis and the Poincare Geometry ! I feel so fortunate to have Dr. Kammler as the teacher for my Fourier class that I don't want to slip this opportunity and want to give my best attempt. Dr. Kocik as always surprise with his humorous way of teaching making things look so simple. So a rocking time ahead for me !

Saturday, February 04, 2006

New Plant Photographs

Yesterday I took several photographs of plants and trees. Including Pine tree. I will post these shortly on this website. Its amazing that when you are learning about something then how much you get aware of it and you being to see it everywhere around it. Biology is definitely fun and I am having a good time with it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

10 Day Challenge

It feels good on the day 3 of the 10 day challenge I have taken. In these 10 days I am going to drink lots of water (about a gallon) everyday and a fruit diet to supplement the intake of water. From tomorrow I will also embark on the deep breathing exercise. Lets see how it feels after 10 days. Meanwhile I did give my ice breaker speech at Toastmasters and it was fun. Fourier analysis class is now in full swing and I must admit I am enjoying that. Dr. Kocik's Geometry is more than what I expected. Its getting addictive. So far we discussed geometries definition and that allows us to come up with all kinds of geometry like Incidence Geometry, Poincare Geometry, Klein Geometry and so on. Pretty interesting stuff.
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