Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Working with pdf in Smart Note

 Use the printer option to capture the image from the pdf document

Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0

Clearink tool
Embedded browser
Screen Resolution (Two pages at the same time)
Pin Tool so you can work together

Ideas in the first training

So here I am sitting in a training on education and they are talking about how the education is going to change in next 5 years.
First video: A day made of Glass. A futuristic look at the way how technology is converging and you have glass screens around. I did like the music.

Then we see how to create a room at
Todays Meet
Wall Wisher
Google Moderator

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

31st December in Bogota

If you want to spend a quite night on this last day of the year. Bogota could be your city of choice. All the streets will be empty and all the shops will be closed including McDonalds and other fast food chain. Well Carulla will be open but there won't be many people there. Its unsual for a big city like Bogota to have no night life on the last day of the year. So if you are thinking of going out on a new year eve. Its better you go somewhere else.

Secret world of Arriette

 Over the past few days I watched a number of movies and I really really liked this Japanese animation. The secret world of Arriette. The story is a about a boy who is sick and is sent to his Grandmother's place and there he discovered these little people who call themselves borrower and human think of them as thieves. The reason they like to call themselves borrowers is because they borrow little things from human like a grain of sugar and other such trifles. Its their quest for survival which gives courage to the boy to fight out his own depression, lonliness and sickness. An inspiring story and a beautiful movie.

Some reflections on year 2012

2012 was definitely a year of lot of changes for me. The beginning of year 2012 I had the company of my Mom. She visited me in Cambodia. Experience in Cambodia was great. I had wonderful students and it was a great experience. I traveled a lot that year. Visited many part of beautiful Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, India and then Colombia. I forged some life long friendship in Cambodia. The trip to Nepal was quite memorable. We saw Mount Everest and all other 8 highest mountains in the world and I am definitely going back to Nepal again.  Vietnam was equally amazing. Seeing Halong Bay and the train journey from Ho-Chi-Minh to Hanoi will forever be eitched in my memory.
   I am glad I chose Colombia over other places. Its a great place to learn things and I am grateful to the people who have given me this opportunity.

Happy New Year 2013

Its 4:11 in the morning and the first day of New Year 2013. Wish you a very happy new year 2013.
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