Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheeni Kum Review

I just finished watching Cheeni Kum. Its different from the most bollywood style movies however its still carries the humor based on making of people's appearance that seems endemic in this part of the world. The main premise of the movie revolves around a romance between a 64 year old bacheolor and a 34 year old spinster. The director could have shaved off additional 30 minutes. I would recommend Cheeni Kum for its storyline and the subject matter and the way it has been handled. The subject is still a taboo and I the lukewarm response it received here bears testimony to that fact. However it did do good business overseas and should encourage the producers to have faith in taking up more such issues.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Over past few days I been thinking about updating this blog. I think the reason is that I have acquired few new words and it makes sense to use those words if I want to retain those. There is nothing much to write about news as I have become very conscious of what I should be watching. Rupert Murdoch's hegemony over print media is under serious threat. The controversy has already crossed the rubicon and I think its only a matter of time when his newspaper business crumbles under its own gargantuan weight. Many of his newspaper have been found to involved in billingsgating people they did't like.
On television these days I sometime watch RT a russian news channel which is pretty good. There was a news of Russia launching a new telescope in space which is suppose to be 1000 times better than Hubble telescope.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I am updating this blog from the staff room. Last few days have been good here. I have been to most of the surrounding places here including Kasar devi, Sheetala Khet, Chaubatia, Pandav Kholi, Dunagiri, Bageshwar etc. Yesterday was the second time I went to Nainital and somehow this time boating was awesome. I am hoping to make a trip to Patal Bhubneshwar and Chokri before coming back to Delhi.
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