Sunday, April 29, 2007

ICTS exam done

Dear Sumant,
Yesterday I gave the two tests. the basic skills test and the Mathematics one It took all 10 hrs of time. I am actually pleased with my performance and I believe that I should pass both the exams. In the evening I went o Barnes and Noble and I flipped through "The Purpose driven life". The author surely doesn't agree with the self help books and I could now identify people who have read this book and are against the self help books. The author assumes that everything that is worth knowing is in the bible and the only purpose of our existence is just praising the lord and helping other people. Definitely its sugar coated and I hope finish reading this book pretty soon and will post my thoughts on it. The reason I want to do that because I have good friends who have read it and are confused about the purpose of their own life. They have practically shut themselves from learning anything outside one book and they are not enjoying their life in spite of being wonderful human beings.A take home is due tomorrow and I need to learn more Galois theory. Meanwhile Australia has won again the cricket world cup. In summer I will be taking Graph Theory and I am excited about it.

That's for now
Sumant Sumant

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

War gainst Cancer and Terror

Dear Sumant,

I just watched former president Bush, his wife and some elite doctors on Larry King live discussing Cancer. I recently read the 3rd book "Fit for life" and whatever is written in that book was reinforced again by that interview. The doctors have no idea about the disease. They all gave hollow promises of finding the cure in next 4 years. Nothing about the prevention. Why ? Only thing they can attribute to is 41 percent of Americans will have cancer. Yes 41 percent. Why don't they focus on the diet of American people ? The only argument was cigarettes give cancer but I am pretty sure that 40 percent of Americans are not smokers. These statistics say its only 20 percent of the people are smoker and so they are in higher risk category and needless to say if the doctors prediction is to be belived they all should have cancer ! I am not defending that smoking doesn't cause cancer but what I am saying is their estimates are hollow.
The breaking news after the show was about another 8 US Marines are killed by the Iraqi suicide bomber. Now when will the govt. acknowledge that its impossible to have a democracy in a Muslim society. We cannot bring democracy to Muslim country no matter how liberal or rich that country is. Stop look for other possibility, military campaign without acknowledging this fact will only lead to more deaths of these young men and women, who just signed up to pay for their college fee and pinch of patriotism.

Best regards
Sumant Sumant
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