Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tenderfoot, Tenderloin, Stonewall, Innominate, Subrosa

I am sitting here in Faner hall updating this blog. I just came after talking to Beverly Robbins about my resume. She was really nice and gave me quite a few pointers on sprucing up my resume, besides reformatting it to look more amiable.
Gary and I today discussed several words these include Tenderfoot, Tenderloin, Stonewall, Innominate and Subrosa. Before I talk about these words let me share the experience that there are two ways we all learn words. One when we just look a word out of curiosity in a dictionary or on internet and other when we surmise the meaning and talk with other people and then seek out the meaning. Today we did that and its a no brainer that the latter is far more effective. For example when we were talking about tenderfoot which means a newcomer. The wordsmith explains it as "A newcomer or a beginner at something, one not used to hardships and an example sentence is "Elisabeth Moss's years of comfortable anonymity may be over because of the engrossing role as the tenderfoot who begins to climb the corporate ladder in Mad Men'."
Tenderloin: I knew that I have come across this word before but I couldn't recall where exactly and then when Gary told me about the hip where there is meaty and juicy part of animal is that I recalled having seen in menus but the site that sent me the word talked in context of city. A tenderloin part of city is where corruption and sleaziness occurs where corrupt people make easy money. The wordsmith definition is " The part of a city notorious for vice and corruption". Another word with similar sounding meaning is "Skid Row". ex "Forbidden from working, they moved in to a seedy residential hotel in the Tenderloin district as they waited for their application to be approved."

Innominate: The best way to learn this word will be to google image search and there are plenty of examples demonstrating the use of the word like Innominate bridge, innominate bone (also called hip bone), innominate tarn etc. What it means is something that hasn't been named ex "How many innominate martyrs will this cause claim?". "Some innominate teacher, 'of importance,' as Browning would put it,".

Subrosa means 1. in secret or covertly: "The mayor held a meeting sub rosa to avoid public criticism". It seems that it has a little negative connotation as all the sentences. Take for example the other one from vocab vitamins "Rather than doing something sub rosa that might be threatening to your job, talk to him at the outset" and another one "A corporate scumbag who runs this sub-rosa operation in collusion with the Defense Department".
Well now its my turn to weave all the above words into one sentence and "Pattaya the tenderloin district of bustling Thailand where you can get anything under the sun but to get a tenderloin piece of meat is a different story. Those restaurants which do serve tenderlion meat must operate subrosa and remain innominate for the fear of being invaded by the gazillion tourists who flock to this skid row beach town".

Sunday, August 03, 2008

blog for today

Its 22:47 and I am here in my lab updating this blog. So far today I spent time reading Fareed Zakaria's book "The Post American World". Its insightful but there are sections which I think he hasn't got straight but overall some 300 page book is a good read. I still haven't started cooking at my new place so I went to long branch cafe and ordered one humus dish and it was good. I bumped into James there. I first met him at our group meditation. Last night I was out till 6 in the morning and had several interesting conversations.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Too many engagements today

Its already 14 hrs and I am updating this blog from Carbondale Library. For the first time I am here just for updating my blog and not borrowing any book. Today I finally moved out from Shamrock Apt and returned the key to Shirley which means I have also officially moved to 603 N.Carico St with Gary. Today there are several other things going on Andy has graduated so there is a party at his place then there is Peach Festival at Cobden, Dave's birthday is coming up so there is one more party there. I have volunteered for new students this time and hopefully my long stay in Carbondale will benefit these people. The plan for next two weeks before school start is to read several books including the one on Pixar and Farid Zakaria's. Also I need to make sure that I do Vipassana now twice and for 40 minute sessions instead of 25-35 minutes I am doing. The other few mathematics books I want to finish are "How to Prove it", "Naive Set Theory", and the two analysis books
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