Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Great Railway Journey from Chicago to San Jose

Another picture postcard

The winter point just after coming out of one of the longest tunnel in the world

Up in the mountains, snow everywhere, picture perfect

These are still baby mountains compared to the more toweries ahead.

Beginning of Colorado Rockies and change of Landscape from wide open fields to spectacular mountain ranges

Great Railway Journey from Chicago to San Jose

Denver Railway Station

Waking up to a cold morning in Denver at 6 in the morning

The famous Sears Building and Chicago's skyline from the backdrop of Union Station.

The downtown in Chicago. Temperature outside was 8 degree Fahrenheit.

This is famous "Soldier stadium" in Chicago.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Narnia Review

I loved this stained glass creation isn't the robot is cute !

Yesterday I watched Narnia. I believe Disney will come up with the remaining stories. This is really a spectacular movie. I watched it in a small town Benton with Jennifer and her Art crew. The movie is based on C.S Lewis's novels. It is a series of 7 fantasy novels for Children. I discovered more about it here. The story is about good winning over evil. Some of the scenes are really memorable, especially the melting of ice and when the children are trying to cross it. It has many references to Bible, so I am thinking of buying a new bible to be updated of various characters. I had one bible back home and used it to improve my vocab. Narnia has definitely stirred my interest into this series of fantasy novel by Lewis and I am pretty sure I will by watching the entire series as it comes out.

Some pics from last few weeks

Sumant, Jackson and Paul on the last day of Math 108 tutoring. These two guys were the most diligent. Stayed back almost every single day we tutored. It was awesome working with Paul and Jackson, we had so much fun tutoring Trig with Dr. Kocik's book.

Here Joe, Travis, his girl Friend and Andrew at Applebee's. The last day all the Math tutors went to eat out and celebrate. Next semester mine and Joe's schedule are diametrically opposite. I will be working from 16:00 to 18:30 hrs along with Travis and Lauren. While Joe and Tracey will work in the later half of evening.

Lauren and Emanuel at Applebee's.

Sumant didn't want to miss on posing for the fresh snow !

First Snow Fall in Carbondale and my car was all blanketed by more than 2 and half inch of snow.
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