Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Toastmaster Judge

Last weekend was the first toastmaster meeting in our area. I served as a Judge for the tabletopics competition. The gist of the question was "If you could change one event in the history which event would you choose and why".

Math 62, Lacrisha and Andrea's Solution

This is a pic from two of my students who solved a problem in class. Look at the way they drew pictures which I think is pretty good. Math is fun and this reflects that.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Teaching and learning

I am updating this from Faner Lab. I came here after watching Terminator 4. The movie reeks of special effects and so it would be an enjoyable fair to most of the people. When I watch movies like that my mind usually start thinking about the people who made the sound and the effects and how they want to perceive those effects. Which makes the experience kind of a detached one and I think you just start to see the movie passively. That means your pulse rate don't go up and you don't curse the villain.

Today I also attended the Math club meeting at Bucky's dome. It was like a home coming visit. It was great to see Dr. Earnest, Dr. Hughes, Dr. McSorley, Dr. Fitzerald and Dr. Hundley. The weather was nice for a barbeque and there were vegetarian burgers too. It was good to see Rachel and Valerie who were doing the round around campus lake.

In the morning today I did the worksheet for my Math 52 class. Teaching 52 is different because here the students are learning really basic skill so I have to start with real basic examples and show them that they can do it. Its a different challenge. My 62 math class did very good on their 2nd test and some of the more taciturn students are beginning to open up. I am enjoying Math 113 because I am teaching logic and the class is becoming more synergistic.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Number Freak

I came across this book at the other day I was at Barne's and Noble and here are some quick notes.Add Image

Okra, Zuccini, Potato and Onion

This Friday I went out to winery at Walker's bluff with Georgian, Gillian and Katherine. Georgian gave me a motley of vegetables ranging from okra, pepper, zucchini and green beans. I cooked okra with potato and pepper and it tasted awesome. Here is the pic of that delicious cooked vegetables.

Gillian's Korean Meditation Chime

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