Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of the year so far

Today is my Birthday and right now I have deluge of well wishes to reply. My sister called me yesterday around 23:21 and my Mom called me in the morning we chatted for more than 14 minutes on phones. The rest of the time before coming here to carbondale library was spent on reading 'Fun house' and making notes of that. The plan for today is to cook for Mohanji at Roy's house and later go with Tim to celebrate the New Year. I did work on the combinatorial proofs and here are some figures which illustrate the proof of
f(n+2)-1 = f(0)+f(1)+.... f(n)
f(m+n) = f(m)*f(n)+f(m-1)*f(n-1)
The other identity f(2n+1) = f(0)+f(2)+f(4)+.. +f(2n) for which I haven't drawn could also be easily visualized in the same way.

Numbers revised

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun Home

On my November 30th blog entry I mentioned that I would finish reading Fun Home. One of the pivotal reason was the standard of language. So after procrastinating for a while I finally finished it. No doubt its verbose and its a veritable treat to see the author's penmenship. The following are the notes for me and I am sure I will be coming back to this again and again.
When other children called our house a mansion, I would demur. I resented the implication that my family was rich, or unusual in any way
The Gilt Cornices, The marble fireplace, The crystal chandeliers, The shelves of calf bound books. These were not so much brought as produced from thin air by my fathers remarkable legerdemain.
His greatest achievement arguably was his monomaniacal restoration of our home.
He was alchemist of appearance, a savant of surface, a dandelion of
The shutters and scroll work were gone. The clapboards had been sheathed with scabrous shingles.
He blithely betrayed the king, for example, when the queen asked him to build her a cow disguise so she could seduce the white bull.
What do you think of this glass chandelier -- Bordello
I developed a contempt for useless ornament. What function was served by the scrolls, tassels and bric a brac that infested our house.
Incipient yellow lung disease.
If anything they obscured function. They were embellishments in the worst sense. They were lies.
He used his skillful artifice not to make things, but to make things appear to be what they were not.
It is tempting to suggest in retrospect that our family was a sham.
That our house was not a real home at all but the simulacrum of one, a museum.
I can't find the scissors! look in the Chippendale.
How did this vase got so close to the table ?
Most people I imagine, learn to accept that they are not prefect, but an idel remark about my father over breakfast could send him into tailspin.
If we couldn't criticize my father showing affection for him was an even dicier venture.
His shame inhabited our house as pervasively and invisibly as the aromatic musk of aging mahogany. In fact, the meticulous, period interiors were expressly designed to conceal it.
His burst of kindness were as incandescent as his tantrums were dark
Although I am good at enumerating my father's flaw its hard for me to sustain much anger at him.
Th suffusion of warmth as the hot water sluiced over me... The sudden unbearable cold of its absence.
But his absence resonated retroactively, echoing back through all the time i knew him.
His death was quite possibly his consummate artifice, his masterstroke.
Do people contemplating suicide get excited about spotting rufous sided towhee.
But these are just quibble. I don't believe it was an accident.
His headstone is an obelisk, a striking anachronism among the ungainly granite slabs inn the new end of the cemetery.. I was also a shape that in life he was unabashedly fixated on.
He had an obelisk collection, in fact, and his prize specimen was one in knee high jade that propped open the door to his library.
His ultimate obelisk is not carved from fleshy, translucent marble like the tombstones in the old part of the cemetery.
Wearing a black velvet dress my father had wrestled me into I appear to be in mourning.
What gave the comparison real weight was the family business.. and the cavalier attitude which inevitably, we come to take toward it.
I bicycled back to my apartment marveling at the dissonance between this apparently carefree activity and my newly tragic circumstance.
For anyone but the landed gentry to refer to a room in their house as "the library" might seem affected. But there really was no other word for it.
Dod that require such a leap of imagination? perhaps affectation can be so thoroughgoing, so authentic in its details, that it stops being pretense.
Part of dad's country squire routine involved edifying the villagers - his more promising high school students
But her return epistle arrived a week and half later.
There is a scene in the great Gatsby where a drunken party guest is carried away by the discovery that the volumes in Gatsby's library are not card board fakes
My father's books-- the hardbound ones with their ragged dust jackets, the paperbacks with their creased spines-had clearly been read.\
But in a way Gatsby's pristine books and my father's worn ones signify the same thing- the preference of a fiction to reality.
Of all his domestic inclinations, my father's decided bent for gardening was the most redolent to me of that other, more disturbing bent.
What kind of a man but a sissy could possibly love flowers this ardently ?
During the ensuing hunt, we would be sure to find a yellow egg in a thatch of daffodils, a lavander egg passing itself off as a crocus..and nestled in the crab apple tree, a pink egg the precise shade of the blossoms that would soon burst from there
There my father would become lost to us in a revery of weeding.
Come on. We're going dogwood napping. I found some beauts on the mountain road.
A pink dogwood flower is the most beautiful shade of pink in the world.
Is there was ever a bigger pansy than my father, it was marcel proust.
I sensed a chink in my family's armor, an undefended gap in the circle of our wagons which cried out, it seemed to me, fo some plain, two fisted sinew.
Where is your barrette ? It keeps the hair out of your eyes.
Hey Butch think fast - no one needed to explain what it meant.
It was self-descriptive, cropped, curt, percussive, practically onomatopoeic at any rate, the opposite of sissy.
And despite the tyrannical power with which he held sway, it was clear to me that my father was a big sissy.
Where is your barrette. I don't care! next time i see you without it, I'll wale you.
It was a war of cross-purposes, and so doomed to perpetual escalation.
It's a curiously ineffectual attempt at censorship. Why cross out the year and not the month? Why, for thta matter, leave the photo in the envelope at all ?
In an act of prestidigitation typical of the way my father juggled his public appearance and private reality, the evidence is simultaneously hidden and revealed.
In the hot august afternoon, the city was reduced, like a long simmering demiglace, to a fragrance of stunning richness and complexity.
I have a hallucinogenic memory of a throbbing welter of people in a large circle. It must have been washington square park.
May be I was experiencing a contact high from the LSD trips no doubt swirling around us.
Might not a lingering vibration, a quantum particle of rebellion, still have hung in the humectant air.
How much did my mother's milieu factor into his attraction.Had he somehow conflated her with her address.
Eighty sixed ! To refuse to serve (an unwelcome customer) at a bar or restaurant.
But the village in the early eighties was a cold, mercenary place.
Oh, and , bruce, can you take this with you? If elsie finds it she'll have my hide.
My brother ignored me. But looking back my stratagem strikes me as a precocious feat of proustian tranposition - not to mention a tidy melding of poust's real alfred and his fictional albertine.
On the drive home, a postlapsarian melancholy crept over me. I had failed some unspoken initiation rite and life's possibilities were no longer infinite.
The serpent is vexingly ambiguous archetype.
But the vision of the truck driving bulldyke sustained me through the perhaps it haunted my father.
And so his death had an inevitably dimming, crepuscular effect.
Typically with some degree of pyrotechnic splendor, due to particulates from the pre-clean air act paper mill ten miles away.
With similar perversity, the sparkling creek that coursed down from the plateau and through our town was crystal clear precisely becaues it was polluted. Mine runoff had left the water too acidic to support life of any kind.
It's childish, perhaps, to grudge them the sustenance of their creative solitude.
Then came the invisible substance that hung in doorways, and that, I soon realized, hung like swags of drapery between all solid objects.
Thanks seem a feeble offering indeed, but I hope you will take it.
And my father's life was a solipsistic circle of self, from autodidact to autocrat to autocide
Dad gave me a wall calaendar from one of his vendors to write in, a curious memnto mori.
It was a sort of epistemological crisis. How did I know that the things I was writing were absolutely, objectively true.
My simple, declarative sentences began to strike me as hubristic at best, utter lies at worst.
The most sturdy nouns faded to faint approximations under my pen.My "I thinks" were gossamer sutures in that gaping rift between signifier and signified. To fortify them, I perseverated until they were blots.
My diary was rapidly becoming as onerous as the rest of my life.
Soon I began drawing it right over names and pronouns. It became a sort of amulet, warding off evil from my subjects.
Again the troubling gap between word and meaning. My feeble language skills could not bear the weight of such a laden experience.
My deracination was kindly abetted by various friends at college.
At breakfast that morning he'd been in a jacket and tie, not his usual vacation dishabille of cut-off Jeans.
The sudden approximation of my dull provincial life to a new yorker cartoon was exhilarating.
But my father's abject and shameful mien quickly sobered me up.
The juxtaposition of the last days of childhood with those of Nixon and the end of that larger, national innocence may seem trite. But it was only one of many heavy-handed plot devices to befall my family during those strange, hot months.
Whether or not my harmonal fluctuations were its cause, chaos was most assuredly afoot in our household that summer.
Our visit was a veritable saturnalia. A two day binge of nonstop play.
My enjoyment was unencumbered by any knowledge of wilde's martyrology.
Or perhaps my reasoning was more influenced by social studies than math. Gaps, erasures and other lacunae had saturated the news for the past year.
As soon as I shut the window, the rain hit it like a firehose.
Yet the house itself had escaped harm, as had the garage and cars. Even the cat sauntered home not just unscathed but dry.
To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrent to every instict in my body.
Dad got another bureau for my room.
My forced nonchalance about the men's fashion supplement, for example was self repudiation of the basest kind.
But the immersion like green dish washing liquid bathing a cuticle left me supple and open to possibility.
Or maybe I am trying to render my senseless personal loss meaningful by linking it, however posthumously to a more coherent narrative, a narrative of injustice, of sexual shame and fear, of life considered expendable..
There is a certain emotional expedience to claiming him as a tragic victim of homophobia. But that's problematic line of thought and for another it leads to a peculiarly literal cul-de-sac.
In my earliest memories, dad is a lowering, malevolent presence.
Preternaturally handsome football player who was currently helping dad haul junk out of our basement.
He makes a pass at hold. Did any of you twits read this. Awesome capacity for cognitive dissonance.
Could this Hobson's choice have been a form of divine intervention.
And indeed, I embarked that day on an odyssey which, consisting as it did in a gradual episodic, and inevitable convergence with my abstracted father was very nearly as epic as the original.
Home for Christmas, I found dad's delight about Ulysses a bit galling.
I hadn't mentioned my big lesbian epiphany yet. So dad's choice was interesting, to say the least.
I referred back to colette herself, basking in her sensualism as perhaps the sea ravaged odysseus had in the ministrations of Nausicca.
I was adrift on the high seas, but my courage was becoming clear. It lay between the scylla of my peers and the swirling, sucking charybdis of my family.
Yet while Odysseus schemed desperately to escape polyphemus's cave, I found that I was quite content to stay here forever.
It was not, at any rate a triumphal return. Home, as I had known it was gone.
There was a certain solemnity to the moment.
I can't stand it any more. This house is a tinderbox.
The gay group at school is picketing that movie cruising.
It was not the sobbing, joyous reunion of Odysseus and Telemachus.
I would see my father one more time after this. But we would never discuss our shared predilection again.
We had our Ithaca moment.
In our case of course, substitute the alternately stimulating and obtunding influence of homosexual magnetism.
In a telling mistake, dad imputes the beseeching eyes to bloom instead to his wife molly.
But how could he admire joyce's lengthy, libidinal "yes" so fervently and end up saying "no" to his own life.
I suppose that a lifetime spent hiding one's erotic truth could have a cumulative renunciatory effect.Sexual shame is ini itself a kind of death.
Ulysses, of course, was banned for many years by people who found its honesty obscene.
But i suppose this is consistent with the book's theme that spiritual, not con substantial, paternity is the important thing.
Is it so unusual for the two things to coincide.
What if Icarus hadn't hurtled into the sea? What if he'd inherited his father's inventive bent? What might he have wrought?
He did hurtle into the sea, of course.
But in the tricky reverse narration that impels our entwined stories, he was there to catch me when I lept.

Imp Numbers

Lesson learned

I am sitting in the Carbondale library. Its my 2nd day today volunteering here. So far I have been going around the library carrying a trolley and finding all the books that have been ordered by other libraries. Its a good way to browse books because it makes you go to isles one never consider visint and I am enjoying it. Yesterday I went to facilitate the meditation with Bob and Randy and during discussion the question come up how to control the behavior and something that Bob said . Lot of time when we are angry. Instead of focussing on the object of the anger. We should look at the feeling of anger because the moment you are looking at the object of anger you are reinforcing the anger but when you step back and just concentrate on the feeling of the anger you can see its rise and dissipation and whatever that feeeling of anger, lust or hate subsides.


Mistletoe is the word of the day today. It was featured in my other word of the day. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant. Mist in German means 'dung' and tang means 'branch'. The plant used to be thought of just as mere parasite which sometimes even kills the very host tree, however recent research has shown that it supports lots of birds which make nest on it. The relation with dung is because at the early stage the mistletoe grows out of birds dropping on tree. It provides and nourishes many birds. Its poisonous and cannot be used by human as a fruit but it has medicinal properties.
Mistletoes are also used for Christmas decoration and in Nordic countries on Christmas eve if opposite sex meet they have to kiss.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blood Pressure Measurment

Its now close to 3 years when I radically changed my diet by including more of fresh fruits, moderating soda, ice creams and chocolates. In fact at one time my grocery shopping primarily consisted of these 3 things only. In last month however I did buy ice cream and chocolate and also I decided to check my blood pressure at two consecutive days and here are the results just one day apart. Fortunately the better reading is the next day :). Look how widely it behaves.

Visiting Dick and Judy Carter

Well yesterday I was talking about my visit to Dick and Judy's place. It was wonderful. I stayed there for around 2 hrs and we talked about traveling to Kashgar, Chinese railway, Judy's humongous inkjet printer to her and Dick's passion of painting. She even let me pick on of her fabulous painting.

Relation between binomial (2n,n), binomial(1/2,n) and binomial (-1/2,n)

> f:= proc(n) binomial(2*n,n); end proc;

f := proc(n) ... end;

> g := proc(n) binomial(-1/2,n)*(-4)^n; end proc;

g := proc(n) ... end;

> h := proc(n) binomial(1/2,n)*(2*n-1)*(4)^n *(-1)^(n-1); end proc;

h := proc(n) ... end;

> seq([f(n),g(n),h(n)],n =0..20);

[1, 1, 1], [2, 2, 2], [6, 6, 6], [20, 20, 20], [70, 70, 70], [252, 252, 252], [924, 924, 924], [3432, 3432, 3432], [12870, 12870, 12870], [48620, 48620, 48620], [184756, 184756, 184756], [705432, 705432, 705432], [2704156, 2704156, 2704156], [10400600, 10400600, 10400600], [40116600, 40116600, 40116600], [155117520, 155117520, 155117520], [601080390, 601080390, 601080390], [2333606220, 2333606220, 2333606220], [9075135300, 9075135300, 9075135300],[35345263800, 35345263800, 35345263800], [137846528820, 137846528820, 137846528820]

Thus its easy to see that we can go back and forth between biomial (2n,n), binomial(1/2,n) and binomial(-1/2,n). Note the extra (-1)*(2n-1) term for binomial(1/2,n) over binomial(-1/2,n)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Edwin Hubble

I was just taking a break from my other stuff in the library that I came across this book on the juvenile shelf at my local library. The book is a breeze to read and will whet your appetite to know more about Edwin Hubble if you have ever been curious about this famous astronomer. Edwin was a giant among his contemporaries and was the reason that Einstein had to make changes in his general theory of relativity.

Judy Carter's Painting

I am sitting in Carbondale library and its already past 14 hrs. Yesterday in the morning I went to Vine and after that my whole afternoon was spent at Barnes and Nobles. I met Dick and Judy Carter there. I have known them for now over years. We met at the Tibetan Buddhist study group which used to meet every sunday at 19:30 and was led by Stepehen. Now theyItalicmeet once a month and is led by Judy. Besides that Judy and Dick are regulars at Barnes and Noble Cafe and over time we have become good friends. Today I have been invited to their house at 18 hrs.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Film reviews Iris, Republic of Love and Documentary on Phoenicians

I just came to my office to pick my laptop there. I couldn't play the kite runner at home and I am excited to see the movie even though I haven't read the book.
I watched IRIS few days ago and its about alzheimer. Its a story of an elderly woman who has now alzheimer, who back in her days was a free spirited precocious author and now her dailys travails.
Quest for Phoenicians was something I wasn't even aware of. They lived at the time of Greek and Romans and their empire was pummeled over the 100 year war. Phoenicians were mentioned as Cannonites in old testament have been portrayed as people with low scruples, however they were feared naval rivals and one of the first ones to have written script and ones who tossed and embraced different cultures and becoming very prosperous and there by inviting the agony and jealousy of the other tribes. The hypothesis of the documentary was to trace the lineage of Phonicians through both genetics and sea exploration. However sea exploration had to be jettisoned because of maritime issues. The genetics revealed that around 20 percent of Lebonese have some lineage with Phoenicians.
Republic of love was ok it was just a story of a confused spinster and disk jockey who is a divorcee and too eager to fell in love.

Friday, December 19, 2008


I love the camera in my cell phone, it reduces my task of documenting things. I found this one at Barnes and Noble in the science section. I don't know if I will get the time to read it when next time I am there. So to file this in my memory I took the picture. Hopefully it has substance and not just empty rhetorics.

Tuesday at Carbondale Library

This tuesday while at Carbondale Library I met Scott Rogers. Scott is one of the real nice person. We together go to facilitate meditation and it was great to see him there. Later I went to Longbranch cafe and had lemonade and this humus with pita bread.

Dirty Filthy love, Germany

Its break time and I watched these two DVDs in past few days. Germany was awesome with Justine Shiparo. Dirty Filthy Love had won sundance.
Its passable and you can watch it once. The thing I learned was what it means to have Tourrette Syndrom.

Gas price at Kroger

Two months ago who could have thought that gas prices will hit even below $3 and here the last time when I got my tank filled it was $1.539 and even cheaper in Herrin.

Bowling with Alicia on sunday

Last sunday Alicia and I went to SI bowling. We played 3 games and were able to have a cummulative score of more than 160. I know its amusing when my single score in wii is 228

Wii India suggestions

It always feel great to get up early in the morning. Today I woke up around 4:15 after languoring for about 30 minutes! The crowning achievement was to help my parents use WII for the first time. My mom could play tennis, baseball, bowling and golf all on the webcam. She was also able to configure the wii fit board with little help. So if you have brought a wii in US and planning to use it in India. Here are few suggestions. Include a 220 to 110 volt adapter and this can be had from your local Best Buy shop. I was worried about the Pal /NTSC conversion and there was no problem at my home where it was connected to a fairly old Samsung television without a hiccup. Also don't ship using USPS it coasted me around $137 for both Wii and Wii fit. Also it takes an inordinate amount of time to reach. Over 1 month. Then there could be custom hassles. I think DHL would be better and best will be to ship it with someone who is visiting. Overall Wii is a wonderful console and ideal for any one who is looking to have some fun and be fit. I hope Nintendo starts selling it directly in India, until than we will have to get people in India from the few countries where its readily available. Wii is available at Best Buy most of the times so there is no need to buy from online vendors who usually charge a margin of anywhere from $60 to $100 dollars at present.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Teaching Math 140 Again

Next Semester I am teaching Math 140 again. I am excited about it. I am hoping this time I have been assigned the big room with the projector, so I can show web pages and graphics in my class along with Blackboard. Last time I had a terrific time and 50 percent of my class got As and out of 7 people who scored above 160 three were from my section!! and the third highest also from mine. I think one of the reason was that I could finish the course way ahead of time and had ample time to go over the problems. The reviews were positive and I think I can do an encore.

Similarity of Recursive formulas for Derangment and Fibonacci

Its about 13:04 and I am standing in front of student center. I came to my office early in the morning around 9 am. Helped set up my parent's wii through the web cam. Though one thing still remains - i.e getting the video output. Its funny that I only noticed yesterday that the recursive formulas for derangement numbers and Fibonacci number are so similar. The derangement numbers are D(n) = (n-1)(D(n-1)+D(n-2)). While the Fibonacci numbers are
F(n) = F(n-1)+F(n-2). Let me write them together, so you can see it more clearly.

D(n) = (n-1)(D(n-1)+D(n-2))
F(n) = F(n-1)+F(n-2)

To derive the generating function from these its easier to use exponential generating function for D(n) and ordinary generating function for F(n). For D(n) it is the nth coefficient of exp(-z)/(1-z) and for F(n) its the nth coefficient of x/(1-x-x^2)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Outliers: The story of success

Its Tuesday morning and I am sitting in Carbondale library to update this. Its colder than usual at this time of the year. The wind chill helps to make the intransigent weather a biting 11 degree. Yesterday I watched Matrix 1 again probably after some 6 or 7 years. I have many plans for this break and I have to be careful not squandering off this break. On Sunday I went to Barnes and Nobles and read the book "The Outlier". It was interesting read. The 10,000 hr to master a skill was interesting. It is common to be awed by outliers and the book's goal is to dispel the notion that geniuses are extra ordinary. It traces the circumstances, situations, environment, upbringing and social skills also as a contributing factors in making of a genius. The book has some interesting examples of Bill Joy, Bill Gates, Hockey players age. Overall the book is a good read and would give you insight into how you can put yourself in the upward spiral of growth.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Enjoy this video

I was watching this on You Tube.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Some imp stuffs

Labelling and Automorphism

Day so far.

Its 17:13 and I am updating this from the computer lab. Right now I need to take a break for Vipassana. I submitted the 2nd installment of homework of chapter 5 today. It was good that I was proctoring (math 108 at Pulliam room 42) and could utilize the time to write several solutions. Liz showed up in the morning and we went over several problems from chapter 6 and that helped a lot too. I also finished several snake oil method questions. Plan is to finish another 5 -7 questions tonight and start chapter 6.

Fun stuff we did

Its past midnight and I am on the 4th floor of the library. Today was the last day of Math 549 lecture. That class rocked. I am excited that over the break I will be exploring the topic of various lattice paths. We discussed today the Mobius inversion formula and the posets. Dr. Clark's way of using exponential generating function is cool and the way the composition formula is derived algebraically helps one understand why it works and its easy to come up with the Bell Numbers and fixed partition formulae. Similarly when he does graphs he exploits the formula --> number of automorphisms* number of labellings = n! for a n vertex connected graph. Similarly he shows how it can be used in case of permutations where he does it for Stirling number of first kind of cases. Then he later generalizes for multivalued functions. His book is remarkably good and the kind of examples he uses to elucidate the theory makes it a solid pedagogical material that I am sure will bound to influence many other books when it gets published.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Your Dictionary and new words, Cavil, Lector, Caver, Traduce, Caveat

I finally have your dictionary on my mobile phone and its at present the best and dictionary because it gives many examples of how to use the word. Today I learned the following words
1. Cavil
2. Lector
3. Cavern
4. Caveat
5. Traduce

Cavil "A trivial objection or quibble"
"Excuse me for interrupting this way but I have some cavils about the proceedings of the meeting" interjected the old wisened man.

Lector " Person who reads the scriptures in the church
ex : At very early age, he was ordained lector

Cavern: n cave, a large cave
ex: He was now standing in a vast cavern
ex : You can also explore caverns where locals collect swallow nests to make bird nest soup.

Caveat: Admonish, caution, warning
ex: Once again I have to add our usual caveat.
ex: Yes you could but there are obvious caveats

Traduce: Slander, to say untrue or malicious things about others, vilify
ex : The bill before the house tonight traduces those principles.

My take on these words
Josh put a cavil when he saw the young lector traducing the head pastor in the makeshift chapel inside the humongous cavern by pointing out the caveats in their pledge doctrine.

Some books I was browsing

Some of the books I was browsing at library. I still haven't read the hitch hiker's guide, this edition was great as I read few pages from this book about the history of Douglas Adam, how he collaborated with another person to write series for BBC and when the time for book came he parted. His slow progress in writing the book as he was a perfectionist. The sixth extinction is the one I got issued however its not by a scientist and it looks more like a travelogue than a serious work.
The new IQ was the one I wanted to take home but had to shelved plans for some other time. The book is endorsed by plethora of high wattage personalities including covey. So it should be on my Christmas reading list.

Cellphones I have used so far

Another random fact is so far I have used 4 different types of cell phones and all of different brands. My first cellphone was a Panasonic Gd92. The next one was a petite Nokia camera phone which got trashed. The third was a basic Samsung Cellphone. The latest one is Sony Ericsson's Walkman.

Dove Soaps

I was thinking about something eccentric about myself and realized that for past 13 years I have endorsed only 1 brand of soap yes just one brand Dove !! I have tried their various scented versions but I have sticked with this soap, realizing that one soap lasts around 14-16 days that would mean I have used close to 400 bars of Dove Soap!!! Is it their trenchant marketing or my liking to their soft lathery, non-irritating, scented with its effective dirt abscission prowess that had them my such unflinching loyalty.

Vine Christmas Party

Akina cooked at Interfaith Center and more than 30 people showed up. The food was excellent the only regret that it was finished before I went for the 2nd serrving. Later I went to Vine for the Christmas celebration and it was great.

Light Fantastic Parade

Its technically Sunday as the clock is showing 0:10 right now. I am about to go sleep after this blog, outside its about 20 something but the wind chill makes it about 15 degree which means its the coldest night, however I a, comfortably ensconced in my room which is at cozy 75 degrees. I am taking more pictures now that I have a reasonable camera in my cell phone. I attended the light fantastic prade. It went on for about an hr. I bumped there in to Danielle Estes and Dr. McSorley. The parade was ok there were many similarities with the other two parades that I attended this year the one at Cobden and the other one in Carbondale.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Semi Group and interval partitions

Semi group is a group except that there is no inverse. Remember it has a zero, closure and associativity. One of the homework set problem is to prove that S = {n,r1x1+r2*x2+ rn*xn = n} forms a semigroup.
I was also wondering about the equivalence of partition in subsets to partition in intervals. We all know that the total number of partitions p(n) of set [n] is given by BellNumber(n) but what about the interval [n]. Dr. Clark started with a k interval as (1+..+x1)+(x1+1+...+x1+x2)+(x2+1...x2+x3)+ ... (x(k-1)+1....+ x(k)=n)
Note that once you write this way the size of each partition is x1,x2,x3,...xk or in other words
x1+x2+..xk = n which is just integer composition and if each is non zero then the total number of solution is Binomial(n-1,k-1) and Sum(Binomial(n-1,k-1),k =1..n) = 2^(n-1). Thus number of intervals on [n] = 2^(n-1).
n= 1
2^(1-1) = 2^0 =1
which makes sense
n =2
2^(2-1) = 2
unitary elements {1},{2}
and {1,2}

n = 3
2^(3-1) = 4
unitary elements {1},{2},{3}
Two block
Single block {1,2,3}

Toastmaster meeting today

Just a quick update for today. We had a wonderful Toastmasters meeting today. Jason did his ice breaker speech and for the 2nd week in the row I donned the hat of speech evaluator. His speech was about his passion for sports and music and I would rate it as a very good style of delivery. Table topics was done by Kelly who has shown the ingenuity in doing it different everytime. Today she brought a picture book and we were supposed to frame a story about it citing what we were doing that on thanks giving break, Joe was the Toastmaster and Kyriakos was the grammarian. He was the grammarian for the first time and did an excellent job by bringing the word of the day on A4 sheet of paper. The word of the day was Providence and it was used many times by our fellow toastmasters.
Our dog made a providential recovery.
To enter the place requires providential intervention.
Providential influence.
Joe used "commune with nature".
The next week's theme is Happy Endings.
Julie and Kyriakos are on the rooster for speech.
I will be the Toastmaster next week.

Kyriakos suggested one fine website called It seems to have a very nice collection of video lectures. Thank you so much Kyriakos for bringing this to my attention. Kelli got me the Mormon's Bible and I am excited about it,probably I will finish it over christmas break. Anita is visiting Joe and she got me Dates !!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Coooking Dal Tarkari

I love vegetables and frozen stir fry are my 2nd favorite to freshly picked ones. Yesterday I cooked two frozen stir fries along with sauteed onions. The other is toor dal with tadka !

Grape Fruit Juice

Over past two years I have embraced Grape Fruit Juice. It has now replaced my liking for sodas. Grape Fruit juice is far more delicious than any soda. Its very filling and you can feel the vital energy surging in you as you gulp the juice. The side benefit is that when next time you have a can of soda you will be amazed that how sweet that it is and may I add how bad it tastes. Yes freshly squeezed grape fruit juice is not only the nicotine patch for your soda craving without the side effects, its far more delicious and healthy and you will thank nature for creating such an awesome fruit. Here in the picture you see the freshly squeezed juice of two grape fruits, which is more than 330 ml or a normal pop can.

This is how I relax (Shirshasana)

One of my favorite yoga asana is Shirshasana. Its very powerful. When I was learning yoga through "Hittleman's yoga". Shirshasana seems to be the epitome of all yoga asanas. Its deceptively simple and looks mighty impressive besides that it can alter your mood in minutes. I now firmly believ that Yoga is the physical exercise that can affects your spritual well being.
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