Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mcleod Plays

Yesterday I watched my first stage performance of Beauty and the beast. I loved it, it was well choreographed, rehearsed plus some excellent sets. It was pretty much based on the Disney's vocals and lyrics. So this summer I watched all 3 plays. The first one was "I know you are perfect and now change," the second was "Cats" and the third was "Beauty and the beast". Also I was able to make it to the last and second last sunset concerts. Some of the most do things for anyone who lives in carbondale.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

For Heaven's sake

These days I am discovering a new religion and I wonder about my preconceived notion about most of the religions providing inner calm. I believe the moment you make too many rules in any religion its bound to get messy. As the society changes so does our ethos. The only immutable law that holds all the things perfectly is love. An unconditional love towards other creation of nature be it human or animal or environment. The moment we introduce conditions its become difficult to accept things as they are, so when I see these people have problem in spite of being a wonderful people is the flaw in the understanding of this basic premise. For ex there was this topic of this woman having so much respect for her one of her friend's father because he was a wonderful human but she regretted that he didn't convert to her choice of religion and apparently will go to hell. Does god really judges us of how we believe in him ? afterall doing a little bit of research it can be proven that most of the religions have undergone a tremendous metamorphosis since their initial conception and this process continues unabated. I say this because the moment we try to see people the way we see the world we are trying to impose a foriegn belief system on them. Our belief systems are all shaped by our past experiences, surroundings our exposure to different belief systems and our willingness to accept what we feel comfortable with.
Than there was this other person who feels that being a righteous person she doesn't want to feel judgmental to her fellow workers and that concern was shared by many other people in the group. The reason I thought is the more severe a religion becomes and demands more of a person't loyalty the person feels that by making those sacrifices he or she is getting closer to god but the problem is to assure the birth in heaven he gets distanced away from the very people in the first place they were trying to get closed with.

Friday, July 28, 2006

100 Digits of Pi Memorized

Well finally today I got all 100 digits of Pi Memorized. So here are the first 100 digits
3.14159 2653589 7932384 6264 383279 502 88 419 716 93 993 75 10 5 820 974 944 59 2 307 81 64 06 286 20 899 86 280 348 2 534 2 117 067 98 2
The spacing conveys the way I memorized the numbers in bunch !! Yeah.. I am so happy ;) !

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rush Phari lake

While reading wikipedia I came across this and I thought this is one place which should be in my future travels. If this photo skips a heartbeat than I guess you better visit the site to arrange for your travel

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Its been a while since I posted photographs. Few days back Akina decided that we should have a snake and ladder game. Moments later she came up with her masterpiece, it was fun playing her art and I think it has to be made immortal by posting on my blog. So for all connoisseurs here it is

Since I got hurt I have doing a lot of rubic cube and so its high time I showcase my skill to you in case you are wondering if its all talk. Here are the two snapshots taken within 5 minutes of each other and I had solved the cube under 4 minutes !!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tiger Balm

So today I got Tiger balm for my knee. Its now more than 2 weeks since my soccer injury that I have been nursing. While talking to my mom the other day I realized that I don't have any ointment to apply. The effect of Tiger balm was felt within moments of applying, there is this warm soothing sensation that immediately tells yours pain centre that you have applied one of the strongest balm. I got the red tiger balm wondering how the green one differs from it. Even that store clerk girl had the same question in mind and I tried to sound intelligent by voicing that it could be ginseng. The magical Chinese herb which is a panacea for anything and everything. Its already 19:08 and time for me to leave for the sunset concert. It will be my second sunset concert this season. Tomorrow I am going to Arkansas with a church group and I think its going to be fun. Earlier today Ishan, me and Noelle were thinking of going to the St. Louis but it didn't materialize perhaps we will go and visit Sarthak sometime in Louville. Today I also talked to Dipika after a really long time, she has moved to Houston and now looking forward to work as a school teacher. She temporarily shelved her plans for Masters in Math and I think its good for her as they are going to give her H1 which she is interested in.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rubic Cube and 100 Digits of Pi

I am getting better with Rubic cube and my best time at present is 3 min 19 seconds. Today I will have my first 100 digits of Pi memorized and some work out with "GAP" software for abstract algebra !! I am finally getting some 5kgs of my books shipped out from India this week. I was an avid reader when I was working and I want to get back to my reading again which usually these days is restricted to online reading. I am excited because the shipment contains some of the great books which challenged me and made me think !
On my piano front after "Ode to Joy" I have been trying to master "Banks of Ohio" which needs a lot of hand movement and so its a challenging piece to master and so far I have mastered the 1st 3 lines, I also learnt the "Jingle bells" chord piece which sounds much richer than the one hand piece. Been slacking on the words ever since I had that soccer injury but definitely 5 new words are coming today :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pulp Fiction

I finally watched "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs". It been thinking of watching Pulp Fiction for quite sometime and I am glad I did it. Quintin Tarantino is often credited with being the pioneer in introducing non linear style film making. The wikidpedia has some wonderful commentary on the Pulp Fiction and Tarantino. In between my leg is healing now and hopefully the swelling will be gone by this week.
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