Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Poirot music

Well the semester is finished and I am about to move in with Gary at Carico Street in Carbondale. The last two days I watched few episodes of Poirot including "Murder at river Nile", "Five little pigs", etc. I have always been fascinated with the ending music of Poirot and that was the main reason for getting these movies. Its easy to slip in to the habit of indolence when the break starts and I have to be careful not to get into that. Over the break I plan to read several books including "The new flatlanders" and "God Delusion" both expousing different belief system. I have already read most of the "God Delusion" and few parts of the "flatlanders". Flatlanders has started off well with introductory physics, hopefully it will have solid argument to boast its position.
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