Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sarson Lahsun ki Sabzi and Rosgulla

 As you have noticed that since coming to India, I have been posting a lot more pictures of the sumptuous food that I been eating. Here are two more delicacies. The first one is more from the eastern state of Bihar. It is called Sarson Lahsun (Mustard-Garlic Curry). It is spicy and hot and I love it.
The dessert is called Rasgulla in Delhi and Rosogulla in Bengal. Its made from cottage cheese. This piece of rasgulla is special because this is from the owner of the same shop who got me hooked to rasgulla when I was a child and used to say it gulla.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good food at home

I am having a great time in Delhi with the food. Pretty much everyday there is something new to try out. Yesterday I had Biryani from Lucknow along and later at night this Moong dal pakori !! An experiment with masala lemon turned out to be theeka lemon :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Catching up with Roopesh

 Today I met Roopesh at Rodeo's in Cannought Place. It's in A block and if you are taking metro then take exit from gate# 8. We caught up after almost 10 years (not exactly, I met him at ST this month and we exchanged phone numbers but it was very brief and was a set up to this meeting). I have known Roopesh for over 13 years. We use to take the same office bus and over years we become pretty good friends.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rio Claro pics

I went to Rio Claro near Medillin in last week of May and first week of June. Here are some pics from there.

Pizza with Faye and Juan

Live music at Tes

Lunch hour


Santa fe hospital food

During my stay in hospital in Bogota. I had some of this food. It was well cooked and they were accomodating to my vegetarian taste buds.


Raj kachori and prateek

I met prateek at delhi metro station at Kashmiri gate. We talked about various things at this place called comesum


A meal in delhi for less than a dollar

I had this dinner at Kingsway camp restaurant for less than a dollar. Actually only Rs 35. It included 3 tandoori nan. Half plate Rajmah and a glass of lemon juice. All in all for about 60 cents


Sagar ratna thali

I had this south indian thali and lime juice plus rice for about $4

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Rs 40 or less than a dollar dinner in delhi

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Praranthe wali gali in Chandni Chowk

If you are ever visiting Delhi and you are a foodie, vegetarian and you like Indian food especally parantha. Then there is one place you must go and that is Paranthe wali gali in Chandni Chowk. There are quite a few shops that sell Paranthas and what I suggest is take a walk along the 100 meter or so long gali which starts in Chandni chowk and connects Kinari bazaar. There are quite a few shops and choose one where there are more people. Here are some pics for you to enjoy a very special Delhi outing

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meeting Prateek

The other day I went to meet Prateek and we had this dosa at wazirpur, haldiram

Meeting Deepu at Punjabi by Nature

Why universities are afraid of MOOC ?

 Year 2012 has brought a paradigm shift in the way higher education is imparted with the tremendous growth of Coursera, Udacity and edx. There are other players like Canvas, udemy etc. However there are many people in the university business who are concerned about their jobs and they should be. We have way too many people who are pulling the students down because of their substandard teaching.  But the sickening part of the story is that instead of telling the true story, why they are afraid of, they are dressing their concerns as students not getting a fair deal. Which is totally unethical.

       Anyone who has been to university knows that there are two types of teachers. Those who genuinely want to teach and those who don't. They think that anyone who cannot understand their lecture is not smart enough to be in their class. They forget that students are enrolled in their class so that they can learn or get a credit for their degree and they are getting paid because they have chosen to enroll in that university.

    Most university courses are pretty standard stuff and why should you pay a professor to teach the same course every time when a more competent person can teach the same course with higher efficiency and you have the option to pause, repeat and ask many questions instead of an in class lecture where you are bombarded with information for 1 hr. Already the blended approach of edX at San Jose state university has revealed the better than average performance of students who only take class room lecture. Which cements the point that video lecture are far superior to traditional in class lectures only. What blended lecture does is it frees lot of time for professor to concentrate on each student's particular question rather than wasting class time with lectures they have been giving every year. What this means is that many professors are now reduced to teaching assistant of a virtual instructor but at the same time they need to be more smart,  compassionate and accommodating to students and their needs. Universities can no longer charge huge fees for their 101 courses where 400 students are taking the same course and they have to shell out thousand of dollars. It also  means that research professors should now spend time doing only research  instead of being made to teach lower level courses otherwise many hate to.

 It's been too long we have to deal with mediocre professors and their antics and for the first time we really have technology which could impart world class information to anyone at the fraction of cost. However this is going to cause a major shakeup in the university system. Lots of mediocre professors and other university staffs will be laid off as most students will choose to get their degrees from more established institutes.

Buddhism in Africa

 I was reading a post on the most religious nation and was pleasantly surprised that Kenya is embracing zen  form of Buddhism. I quick search on internet brought me some more results about Buddhism gaining popularity in Africa. As more and more African priests are ordained and more African celebrities are ordained and as more educated people become Buddhism become the natural choice to base ones life.
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