Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gardner and Math circle

I was looking online and was shocked that Martin Gardner died on May 20th. Going over the information posted on wikipedia it was a surprise that Martin never learned Calculus. Martin has affected the life of so many people with his columns.

While spending some time at cut-th-knot website I came across the puzzle of Frogs and Toads and after a while I discovered how to exchange their relative positions. I think I need to get the book "Winning ways for your Mathematical Plays". It now comes in 4 volumes and Gardner's annotated "Alice in wonderland". Other in my wish list is " A decade of Berkley Math Circles"

Saturday, July 03, 2010

So I have completed half month here and so far things have been pretty good. Good students and a nice syllabus. I am class teacher for grade VI and have some wonderful kids who are beginning to enjoy Math as their favorite subjects. While introducing them Geometry I was able to get them excited about why the book elements is so important in mathematics and why Euclid's axiomatization is such a I am getting good response from several other classes whose kids sometime come to me for help. This year I am teaching two Xth grade classes, eighth grade and sixth grade. I just finished the compound interest, co-ordinate geometry and Trigonometry there. In eighth grade I cover Percentage, Volume and Surface area and Circles. In 6th grade I did fractions, Hcf, Lcm, Geometry and now doing algebra. The next fun thing will be doing VAT and other business stuff.
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