Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Grassy Lake

Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Pics from the IEEE conference

this is an inexpensive 3d printer ! The idea was simple using a plastic wire.

Worksheet for Math 113

My math 052 Class, Fall 2009

From left: David Conder, Andrew Hutchins, Sean Williams, April Bates, Caleb Johnson, Kaitlin Hepner, Kristen Williams, Jordon Coleman, Dustin Switzer, Timothy Butler, James Hall, Sumant
My Math 052 class was quite fun with these great bunch of students. Its a real easy course covering the elementary algebra. I was glad that we had projector in this class. I was advised not to use color chalk as it made it difficult for the cleaners so I had to use it sparingly. Projector rescued me there.

My Math 062, Fall 2009

From Left: Heather Dreesmann, Sumant, Chris Madden, Caitlin Asbury, Breanna Crews, Lachrisha Dunmeyer, Ashlee Lee, Andrea Cain, Micah Ward, Evan Booker, Kipp Kuberski, Bryan Kelley, Ryan Thies.
This was a Du Quoin Class and a wonderful group of students and we met every monday and wednesday from 16 hrs to 18:30. Even though it was a commute the enthusiasm of these student made it up. I think I came out refreshed every time I taught there.

My Math 113 Class, Fall 2009

From Extreme left Andre Hooper, Jesssica Reagin, Jason Harbert, Chandra McConnel, Chealsie Hines, Brian Sauer, Brody Usher, Jake Trovillian, Kyle Gable, Precious Nagoma, Sumant, Kristle Miller, Brianna Wright and Alex Menke.

It was a fun course (Math 113) on Contemporary Mathematics. We covered topics from Elementary sequences, Logic, Combinatorics, Probability and Statistics.
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