Friday, January 20, 2006

Fourier Analysis and Geometry

Well this is an exciting time because I am taking two Math courses for both of which the book has been written by SIUC professor. First course in Fourier Analysis by Dr. Kammler

and Geometry: A Metric Approach by Dr. Parker.

So you all know now how excited I am to be knowing these great people ! Its just wonderful.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Garam Masala, Neal N Nikki and Cinderella Man Review

I just finished watching "Garam Masala" movie. The movie has absolutely no story. Just hopping from one scene to another. Does this remind you of David Dhawan's movie. Nay, Garam Masala is no where near it. You can have a stupid story but good comedy for the viewers to laugh at. Unfortunately not many such scenes are in Garam Masala for viewers to laugh at. It was an ordeal to sit through the whole movie. Well I have to say its better than Charas and Neal n Nikki. Which was a disaster from the start. I mean this guy is supposed to have been brought up in Canada and still behaves so stupidly. Nikki is obnoxiously loud. I had to stop this movie in the middle. I had enough of those pranks.
I guess may be I am so hard on these movie because I saw Cinderella Man. These movie appear so stupid in front of Master Piece like Cinderella Man. Watch it if you still haven't.

Daily Dancer, School begins

Here is one awesome dude. Dancing everyday on internet. I saw his first dance on Google Video performing "My hump" song. Lol ! It was so funny. Check his website at

Well I am happy that from tommorow the classes begin. I am particulary excited about Fourier Analysis course with Dr. Kammler. I am also enrolled in two biology classes.

Friday, January 13, 2006

New Toastmasters member

Today I attended my first Toastmasters meeting and I am now also the member of the club. I am really happy that I made this decision. I met some of the most enthusiastic people in my life. Who value very much what I value. A jest for adventure. Then we went to Houlahan's for the drink and chat. Awesome time. Next week I will be giving my first talk ;). Next week we should have the first hashing of this season. Check this awesome website
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