Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oliver's Grand Dad's 3 lines of wisdom

   This conversation took place when we were going to Thai tai the local restaurant here in Siem Reap.
    "We live life in reverse. We are busy working to save for when we retire so we can enjoy but the truth is at that age we cannot enjoy so instead of that we should enjoy our lives first and then start working".
   "Never sell something just for the sake of money that you may want to acquire again".
   "Never get in debt, live under your means".

Friday, September 16, 2011

Khmer Vocabulary

Some common Khmer vocabulary

Good Morning - Jum Reap Su
Sok Sabai       - How do you do ?
Sabai              - Good
Good Night    - Lea Sun Hai
How Much ?     - Bun Man ?
Too Expensive  - Thilai Na
Who ?              -Nona
Where ?           - Aina 
When ?            - Palna ?
What ?             - Away ?
Boy                  - Loak
Girl                   - Loak Serai
Me                   - Khanyoum
Crazy               - Chugut

The counting is
1.  Moi
2.  Be
3.  Bay
4.  Boon
5.  Bram
6. Bram Moi
7. Bram Be
8. Bram Bay
9. Bram Boon

 1000 Moi Puan

American Dollar is the main currency. So don't bother to get Cambodian Reel. The currency exchange is around 1$ = 4000 reel and 100 reel is the smallest bill you have.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

3G Connectivity and Linux

Will you call this serendipity. Since morning I was trying out some way to hook up my computer to internet using the 3G network on my phone and I wasn't successful and now I connected my computer using Linux and I am able to surf the web as I am connected to a broad band connection. For windows there were all kind of software I was directed to ranging from $10 to $25 so I can seamlessly connect to internet using my mobile phone and can upload the picture directly using my webcam :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A month in Siem Reap

Ok, I have been here for now more than a month and its time I should say more about the place. Siem Reap is a small town which seems to have more hotel than residential houses. I know I am overestimating it. I am enjoying my teaching part and Cambridge curriculum is ok. I hope I am making it more exciting for my classes by giving them extra challenge problems.
I am getting more serious about getting a kindle so that I don't have to carry my books around and I can read more. I have several books lined up including the biography of Bobby Fischer and Poulous book on stock market. I reckon that kindle won't be of much use for reading math books but I guess I am fancying this as a toy and to read book I am not able to read because of the availability of hard copy here.
I had time today to visit the dentist to get my teeth cleaned and a root canal done for the cist. I am glad after the anesthesia worn out I didn't have to take the Advil. I also tried falafal sandwich and passion fruit smoothie. Thumbs up for smoothie and sandwich was ok too.
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