Thursday, December 30, 2004

Heaving & Premordial

I liked this sentence and the two words that stand out in this sentence

"This is the first time shot put had been contested in Olympia, but could any event be more fittingly primordial than heaving an iron ball as far as possible?"

So what is heaving ??
Well from the context we can see that it is something to do with heavy lifting and yes the meaning by word web is

Throwing something heavy

Throw with great effort
Make noise when making an effort
Breathe noisily, as when one is exhausted

It mean old

A quick google search threw up
  • Modern methods of heaving to survive in extreme weather
  • He gave it a mighty heave
  • Is Bipasha's heaving bossom getting outdated.
  • Frost Heaving. Frost heaving, a poorly understood process by which ice columns grow upward against the force of gravity
  • Heaving to" involves setting the sails one way and the rudder the other so the boat just kind of gets confused and sits there. It's a way of basically coming to a stop, or very nearly so, without dropping sails and anchoring.
  • If you have stayed till here then check out this video by US sailing which illustrates how heaving to is done.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tauba Tauba Sucks !

I just watched the first half of Tauba Tauba and it sucks big time. I cannot stand to see the remainning part.Common that movie meant to be funny aka American pie or Road trip. But it sucks !! The story is paper thin, the dialogues are trite and the plots you know it already. It meant to titilate you but does a real shady job. You must be kidding if you get a hard on seeing Payal Rohatagi with that moronic direction. Hardly comic and over hyped. I have no hesitation in giving it a rating "waste your money and time". If you are looking for a movie of same genre you will be better off with American pie series.

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I was trying to explain one of my friend what bhrastika is. Its a form of exercise to do when you are tired. I drew some stick figures and figured out these can be of benefit to many more. So here they are for you


/ Start position (Start breathing in as much air )


Outstrech position (Final position with lungs and stomach full of air)

-- 0--

Start Exhaling out

/ Breathing out

Hands down after having exhaled all air.

Repeat 5 times and you will feel good

Traipse on Renitent

Today I learned Renitent. What renitent means is to be resistant or recalcitrant. A quick search on google listed it as a more difficult word. It does finds its mention on dictionary of difficult words. Ok so what are some common use
ex where blocks are molded from renitent synthetic material.
One dictionary ( listed it as adjective and the meaning it gave was resisting and opposing stubornly, recalcitrant. One of my favorite dictionary at define it as

1. Resistant to physical pressure; not pliant. 2. Reluctant to yield or be swayed; recalcitrant.
Well now i can conjure up some silly sentence to make it stick, how about

"Sumant has been renitent in using any other word than traipse for his rambling for now two days"
Enough triapse on renitent or do you want more ?
ok let me make your reading more miserable. I finally managed to get up early in the morning today but since then i am just reading all kinds of newspaper to get the idea of tragedy that has struck Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, India and Maldives. Its estimated that now more than 65,000 people are dead. Yes you read it right 65 thousand. The tragedy could have been low had these countries invested in Tsunami warning system. Tsunami are giant sea waves that are generated when a earth quake near sea takes place.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Today i learned this new word "Traipse". What it means is to wander aimlessly. So it can be used as a substitute word for "Rambling". Great. Next time i will use it as Sumant's Traipse. To get a hang of this word i tried to search it on google and i stumbled upon this website This is scary to say the least. These hair raising devices are despicable. Just some of my Traipse on those monsters. Happy Traipsing !!

Cherry Coke

Its 16:43 now. I have developed a strong liking for Cherry coke this season. It all began last week when i ran out of my both 24 can boxes of coke classic and pepsi. Eager to have something to go along with my dinner that day I hurridely went to the nearby wending machine with 3 quarters in hand and the machine to my surprise pooped out cherry coke which i till then detested. Unable to spoil my mood i said better and better and went ahed with it. To my surprised i liked it so much that i finished all my quarters in next 3 days and had to walk all the way to laundramat to have more quarters for the laundary. On my last trip i bought one 24 box coke classic and one box each of cherry coke and wild cherry pepsi. Cherry coke rocks. The trick is to put your can in freezer and wait for a couple of hour. Then let the icy chilled cherry coke take over. I don't have any more movie the library is closed and my progress in devouring the book is not something i could brag about but then these holidays have so far been more fun than many people would let me think they are. Ice everywhere has started to melt with temperature today rising a couple of degree more. Compare to this year last year was very warm except for the once ice sheat storm which was crippling.
Its now 17:07 now. Time for me to go ahead and feed something to my brain. Gulp gulp..

Monday, December 27, 2004

Ayako's Snowman Cake Posted by Hello

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Post Christmas

Since the time i last posted I stayed up in my room trying to do everything except getting on the net. My internet service was down. Now if you are eager to know how was my christmas then it was good. I had a small party with Ayako and Aza. I cooked Rajma, Chawal. Aza cooked Malaysian Curry and Ayako cooked cake. Needless to say it was a good party and you can see the happy people

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

First Snow Fall and new books

Today was the first snowfall here. I am still having a stiff neck and its not so easy to turn my head. I have got some new books i ordered from the library these include "Visual Complex Analysis", "Div grad curl and all that" and "Calculus of Manifolds" all three best sellers and recomended to me by Dr. Sullivan. I am excited as all three have excellent reviews on About the movie I am still looking for some DVD. Though my wishlist has about 12 movies out of which only 2 are on DVD. Anyway yesterday I watched "The Incredibles" and "Warm Water under the red bridge". Both comedy movies. "Warm Water" was a surprise and I loved the movie. Incredible was good too.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Cool weather outside

Well i just came into Faner hall after finding out my grades for this semester. Its cool outside. Minus 6 degree outside and a wind chill of -15 degree makes riding bicycle a lot more fun than you can imagine. Its so sunny that i need to wear sun glasses. Semester has ended and I am busy catching up with movies. Yesterday i finished watching Spiderman II, National Treasure and I Robot. Lets see what i watch today. Nice to have a break

Sumant Posted by Hello
Sumant Posted by Hello

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Dong gong xi gong

My body is aching since morning. I played badminton yesterday after a hiatus of 4 weeks. To refreshen myself I have got now some 4 - 5 movies. Yesterday I watch "Xiu Xiu, The sent down woman". That was so sad movie and today I came across this "Dong Gong Xi Gong" whose english subtitile is "East Palace, West Palace". A movie on a homosexual man caught by the police in park and his story and various encounter. Can't say much though i did watched it from start to end in one sitting. Movie is engrossing. The other four movies I have now are "Life on a string", "Lawrence of Arabia" and "I know where I am going". Seems a hectic weekend ahead. Other than that I watched the MIT lecture on differential equation. Hope to finish all the lectures before the session begins. Also I decided today that I will take the third maths class as "Mathematical Statistics" and "Engineering Mathematics" will be my fourth class for the spring sem 05.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Xiu Xiu, The sent down woman

I just watched this Movie Xiu Xiu the sent down woman. The film is beautifully picturized. Its immensely sad. It is about a girl who is sent down to Tibet during the chinese cultural revolution and how she endures life in that desolate country. Her desire to go back home and helplessness. Its a poignant movie. I would repeat just too sad.
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