Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fun times

In the past few days I have been doing things more for fun. I am trying to solve Rubic Cube and now I can easily do the two top layers and working on the solution to the third layer. I got a keyboard and have learned few pieces and its fun and hopefully should be able to play the full fur elese this day by next year. My shuffling abilities in Card has improved a lot. I played a lot of Uno. Watched lots of Hindi movies and did watch "The DaVinci Code" yesterday. My bicycle got stolen and this is the 2nd time in the past one year. Will be getting a new cellphone today. One of the movies I really enjoyed was "The lord of flies" a book about a bunch of boys stranded on an Island and their evolution to savagery. Its a grim story but the message is potent and the black and white picture keeps you glued throughout the whole movie. I attended my toastmasters meeting last Thursday and acted as an evaluator for the first time. Did go hashing on May 11 and this time it was at Murphysboro lake. We all had to walk knee deep in poison ivy and then through that thorny thicket. It was one of the most outrageous track so far had been laid and Jennifer and Teresa have to be blamed for laying this one but this was also the best so far in terms of enjoyment and viewing the beautiful southern Illinois. The next one is at Giant city park and I eagerly look forward to it and remembring the digits of Pi to 100 places. I also got a domain name registered for myself it is http://www.sumantsumant.com
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