Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Learning English

Well there are several times in my life when I was awed by my peers by their mastery over the language. I didn't start till after my grade 10 to have a better command over the language when I started reading R.P Sinha's "How to Write Correct English" and "How to Translate into English". A bilingual book. It's a real nice book and I would recommend it to every body. My real love for language began with this book and it has continued since then to this day. Well I wrote this blog to share some of the moments of awe
1. Sidharth Rao's house "Mommy I have take my lunch". I was I guess in class 3rd at that time and I really impressed by his use of correct verb form !
2. Abhishek Singh's: "It's an auspicious day". Abhishek threw this heavy word when I was in grade 6 at the parking lot where we used to play badminton. I still remember how impressed I was with him using this word.
3. Girish Agarwal and Aditya Tondon were talking in front of my house and Girish belted out something to do with wisdom. It was funny broken English and he just moved to St. Stephen college and suddenly this change was in people around me. They all started speaking in English.
4. Abhishek's mom's use of "Drop this idea". I had newly planted a mango tree and was very enthusiastic. I remember I used to water it whenever I had time by bringing bucket ful from my house. It was planted right in front of our house. So in my enthusiasm I was trying to convince other people to also start planting the trees and that is one this bombshell phrase of "Drop this idea" came. I loved it and so many times I used it and feeling a certain arrogance of knowing something smooth sounding literate phrase !
5. Mrs. Mukerji, Mrs Suman Rao and Deepak's mom are few other people whom I grew up hearing English phrases and I was always in awe about their mastery of such foreign, esoteric language. Now when I look back they give me a chuckle of amusement and when I am myself trying to improve my American Accent, how funny those accents will look here. If I were to speak in that way.

Sumant Sumant

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Controvertial Movies I think I need to see

Here is a list, its amusing that most of them are anti-catholic.

The Golden Compass
Battlefield Earth
The last temptation of Christ
Monty Python's life of Brian
Passion of the Christ

Friday, December 07, 2007

Lattice for Dihedral Group D20

Here is the Lattice Diagram for Dihedral Group D20. I used GAP to do that.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Matlab, Octave code for Chebyshev Polynomial visualization

% Chebyshev polynomial function
% Author Sumant
% December 1, 2007
% About function cheby(n) the parameter n controls
% the degree of the polynomial
% I have also included y = 0 so one can see the roots of the
% polynomial of the plot
% The accuracy of plot can be increased or decreased by changing
% the number of division in x
% Use just copy and paste the code and make a .m file and it
% should run in both matlab and octave, I tested it on octave

function cheby(n)
x = -1:.001:1; % Change subdivision here for more accuracy
ln = length(x);
t0 = ones(1,ln);
y0 = zeros(1,ln);
t1 = x;
if n < 0
disp('n should be greater than 0');

for j = 1:n
t2 = 2.*x.*t1 -t0;
t0 = t1;
t1 = t2;
plot(x,t2);%hold on;

end; % end of for statement
end; % end of if statement
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