Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pro and Anti Romney

Romney is Anti Women. Anti Gay and Lesbians. Anti education, Anti environment, Anti Non-renewable, Anti health care, Anti intellectual, Anti abortion, Anti middle class, Anti poor, Anti 99%. Pro War, Pro rich, Pro drilling, Pro gun, Pro life and Pro Insanity, Pro 1%

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Horses and Bayonets

After his clever remark about horses and bayonets. It was natural that many stupid people will try to refute it by arguing that we still need more of the above two. You can't help see these people see any reason and these jingosts would defend how they will ride their horse and carry their bayonets to slay the enemy and of course a quick search on internet will give you link to their blogs. I think these dipshits don't realize that we live now in a different era where a superior military need not have more people as drone attack in Pakistan has proved them to be far more effective then rather endangering the lives of its people. They are lot more safe and effective. Also things like armoured vehicle, cruise missiles are invented so that you don't have to carry your horse and bayonets.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Romney: Anti Chinese. Yes he is stupid !

  It baffles my mind when Romney goes on his anti Chinese rhetoric. Does he realize that there are millions of Chinese who call USA their home. How does it goes down with them? China sends one of the highest number of legal immigrants and intellectuals to USA. In this new era when we talk about win win situation. He is acting like a loser. Branding China as currency manipulator and showering with other innane epithets. Take it or leave it. China is not so dependent on US as the US would like to think and yes China will overtake US not in another 30 years but in next 10 years as the biggest economy. Its leadership is far more capable and smart than he would admit. Russia is another country which Romney likes to consider as an enemy but again the same argument goes for Russia too. Do we really want to have such a stupid person as a president. I hope enough educated Americans vote in this election to keep Romney out !

What is Romney's Plan ? Why don`t he tell people?

I watched the 2nd presidential debate and no matter how much I try to like Romney I fail. I just want few answers. What exactly is your plan ? How you are going to give break to everybody and still make money on taxes. Why you are so adamant on not taxing the 2 percent of super rich. When people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates would happy to do that ? What kind of jobs are you going to create? Why donĀ“t you reveal your own tax return? Why are you averse to women rights and gay people? Why not put ban on assault weapons? Why is it stupid to invest in Solar, Wind, Bio fuels and other alternative source of energy? Why you only want to do drill, drill and drill? Don`t you realize that people who benefit on oil economy are some rich oil companies and middle eastern islamic countries who funnel that to further their Jihadi agenda. Why you are such a retard? Why?
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