Thursday, May 26, 2005

Waqt Old hindi Movie

There are certain things that are eitched in your mind and its a great feeling if you discover that. This happenned two days ago when I was watching the old hindi Waqt movie starring Balraj Sahani. There is this scene of earth quake decimating his whole house. I had seen that scene in a television series called "Darpan" in the early days of Doordarshan. They used to show the clippings of various movies with a common theme anchored by some host. Infact before the scene I had a strong hunch that I will be seeing that scene. It was sweet to realize that what movie it was from. The movie also stars Sunil Datt and I was wondering that since how long he has been around and in the morning I received a message on yahoo messenger that he died.

Yesterday I also got my $18 check from the income tax return. On receiving this my memory was flooded by the images of the 15th April evenning, when I filed the tax return after procrastinating for so long.

Today I have come to library early so that I can catch up with my readings and read some book. I am happy with the results in spring semester and I know that I should be consolidating my knowledge of these subjects. Especially complex analysis and introduction to analysis.


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