Saturday, May 14, 2005

Love Letter

So finally exams have ended. Today I have got three new movies called "Love Letter", "Time and Tide" and "Uzhou River". I am half way through the "Love letter" and its interesting so far. Will expound on the story in next blog. Yesterday was spend in doing the final take home test and now I have got two more books to read. One is "The God's equation" and the second one is "The case of the missing Neutrinos". Hopefully both these books will live up to thier hype they have been able to built up on the peer reviews in I am also looking forward to have a better understanding of the book "Div, Grad and Curl" plus Zeta function we discussed in complex analysis class. Besides the Curl theorem and Divergence theorem. I am excited that I am going to take class on "Applied Matrix Theory" with Dr. Jerzy Kocik in fall. His promotional flyer for his class was interesting. Interspersed with famous Matrices. I am looking forward to meet my sister in California and that surely will be fun. My dad is starting some trainning program in electrical and electronics for village folks back home and I am curious what topic he is going to cover. He has got excellent skills in teaching so I am sure that training will inspire more people to look at these subjects in different light. Tommorow many of my friends are going to graduate. I wish them all a great future !! Today I also talke to Remy Joubert on Msn messenger for quite a while. Remy and I played as a team at the rec centre and it was great to have him as a partner.


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