Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Test on Friday and catching up with other stuff

I have now a test on Friday this week for my Analysis class I am taking with Dr. Philip Feinsilver. Also i need to write a page on exemplary character. Things are definitely interesting at this point of time. I hope I did well in my last test of differential equation. Dr Grimmer was so kind to postponed the test. I will have to keep studying DFeq and I cannot take any chances now. We are now studying some kool stuff. Introduction to Fourier series was interesting and i like it. Now waiting for Bessel functions and Airy function to be taught. Complex analysis has taken an interesting turn with things like Cauchy Hadamard theorem, Laurent Series, Poles and other singularities, Residue theorem and calculation of improper integrals using residue theorem. Thank god I was able to submit paper on Riemann on time. Thanks to Dr. Feinsilver who is so generous. Its always interesting to talk to him. Dr Kocik also helped me a lot. I still haven't decided what i will be taking fo the summer. Probably it will be 483 and for fall it will definitely be 319, Linear Algebra and Introduction to analysis but then I am also interested in probability like 380 hopefully 483 will give me a resonable grounding in probability.I will have to make sure that I take only 3 math classes and also able to declare double degree which I must now. Not sure who is teaching complex analysis in summer. I like it and now i must go through all the notes from the mit ocw site. Card board regatta is on 30th April and i must take some time to help there. Time for me to explore more of Cauchy stuff and uniform convergence for today.


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