Thursday, March 03, 2005

Robinson Crusoe is Available for free

Well why we like internet so much. One of the reason is it is like an Oracle. You are curious about something, just punch in some keys and viola you have the answer. I am euphoric to discover that my favorite book Robinson Crusoe is on the internet for free. I haven't checked the project Guttenberg site recently but i believe it should be there too.
Today I add three more words to my vocabulary. These are Consternation, Demiurge and Dissed. The last word was a source of consternation to me because i couldn't find it in my desktop dictionary. But a search on google pooped up so many references. My curosity about this word stemmed after reading this sentence "Theologians explain that Adam and Eve were denied immortality and expelled from Eden because they dissed the Demiurge". Well that was a neat sentence the only thing is it has a negative meaning i.e to show disrepect. So here I coin one sentence. "Never to diss anybody". I am beginning to realize that the origin of the word might be from dissent. Which obviously mean to show disregard, disapproval or protest against. By the way Demiurge is pronounced sthg like demi+urge. Funny when i read the pronunciation i thought it was like Demi-oorge. Well thats wrong its plain and simple Demi-urge. The meaning is skilled person, or productive or a powerful personality. This was a sentence on my word list website "Without Jamie, our charismatic demiurge, nothing would get done around here". So to be a demiurge is a empowering title. Next time you meet somebody address him as demiurge and see the effect it has on that person. Well if you call me demiurge I will be a surely elated ;)
I was just going to signoff that this web page blew up on my screen. I had put a quick search for consternation and this website on the whole adventures of "Lewis and clark" came up. I have seen this movie in Imax in chicago's Addler planetarium if I remember correctly. They are legends and the movie is breathtaking thier adventure to map the united states is simply an exhilarating experience.


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