Monday, April 25, 2005

Books overdue to be returned

I just recived a mail from Augusta college that I have to return "Visual Complex Analysis" . I checked on my library website and now I have around four books in overdue and they cannot be renewed anymore. So tommorow I should be returning those. The news on our boat building endeavour is good. Its joy to see so many people making contribution and taking decisions. Never thought that one can build a boat out of cardboard and now I am doing that. Recently there was also a math club meeting and I am glad that I attended. Dr. Donald Mills was there and he was open about suggestions. So it should be an exciting time. Already he has taken a lot of initiatives to improve the club and its a pretty dynamic club with lots of guest speaker coming in. I enjoy all those talks.
Dr. Philip Feinsilver is cool and interesting person. I find his lectures pretty interesting. He goes out of his way to help people understand things. His notes are clear. We learned some pretty interesting stuff in his class like lim sup, lim inf, inf, sup, contraction mapping, cauchy sequence, convergence, bolzanno wierstrass. I wrote a paper on Riemann. Did get to learn Tex with his help and Dr. Kocik's help. It was fun to use it.


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